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Vapedirect is Milton Keynes leading online e cig store providing a variety of hardware, e-liquids and vaping starter kits. We have been a mainstay for Milton Keynes Vapers since 2012. We offer FREE delivery on all UK orders over £20, same day dispatch and industry leading customer service.

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Welcome To Vape Direct

Whether you are looking for your favourite e liquid, new box mod or some replacement coils vape direct has what you need. Choose from wide range of e liquid in the UK from well known and great tasting e juice brands.


E Liquid and Vape Juice 

Vaping hardware is important, but it’s e-liquid that actually turns into vapour and gets inhaled. A good liquid will deliver the taste and sensation you’re looking for – but a bad one can be very disappointing. A good e-juice will have the right balance of propylene glycola nd vegetable glycerine, an accurate nicotine content and expertly-blended high grade flavourings. All the liquids we stock come from respected manufacturers, mostly in the UK and USA. Some of our leading brands include Riot Squad, Risen, Dinner Ladies, Charlies Chalk Dust, Pukka Juice and Cheap Thrills.


Box Mods

Vape gear runs on electricity, and that electricity is supplied by mods. A mod is basically a battery pack, but it’s a pretty sophisticated one. Inside it you’ll find a rechargeable power sourse – usually lithium ion batteries – the electronics that regulate power delivery to your atomiser, a screen (usually) and all the controls you need to customise your vape and power up the coil. We stock a range of top-class mods from leading brands including Joyetech, Tesla, Wismec and Smok. Whether you’re looking for a starter kit or an advanced device, we have something that will match your needs.


Vape Tanks

Your tank does most of the hard work of turning e-liquid into vapour. It stores your juice, feeds it to the coil at the correct rate, provides the right airflow to get a perfect vape, and transfers power from the mod to the coil. A quality tank makes all the difference. You might get away with a lower quality mod if everything else is top class (although we wouldn’t recommend it) but without a good tank you’re never going to get a satisfying vape. We’ve tracked down some of the most dependable, highest-performing tanks on the market; our best-selling products include models from Aspire and Smok.


Vape Coils

The vital stage of vaporising your liquid happens at the coil, where electricity heats the coiled wire to boil off the juice on the wicks. A modern coil is a carefully built precision unit containing the actual coils, cotton wicks and insulators. To maintain peak performance it’s vital to change your coils regularly, with the average one lasting a week or two. Always use authentic coils; cheap clones will produce an inferior vape and can even damage your device. We stock genuine replacement coils for all the tanks we sell.