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Pukka Juice

Pukka Juice have created a cult-like following since emerging onto the fruit-filled vape juice market back in 2017. Now with five years and counting of e-liquid manufacturing experience, they create refreshing flavours marketed to suit every type of vaper.

Pukka Juice are world renowned, providing award-winning vape juice flavours known for mouth watering goodness. Winners of the 2021 World’s best Fruit Flavour award and the Best Flavour of the Month award in 2018, Pukka Juice are known to be one of the UK’s best brands.

You can buy Pukka vape juices from Vape Direct online, or through visiting our Milton Keynes or Buckingham stores.

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More On Pukka Juice

Pukka Juice create 49 vape juice products from their UK
based plant. They have 29 e-liquid flavours within that range.

What type of vaping products do Pukka Juice sell?

Pukka Juice manufacture popular e-juices which come in a
70/30 VG/PG ratio. This strong VG blend
makes Pukka vape juice ideal for quitting smoking and MTL vaping. This blend
will give the familiar feeling of nicotine hitting the back of the throat that
is missing from sub ohm and DTL vaping.

The best known Pukka Juice flavour series include their
fruity mixes, standard fruit flavours, and their Blaze range. They produce a
nic salts range using nicotine taken straight from the leaf of the tobacco
plant. Nic salts give
a stronger hit, ideal for ex-smokers. Blend our shortfill Pukka Juice
e-liquids with a nic
of your own to blend your perfect vape juice.

What is the best Pukka Juice Flavour?

Pukka Juice have an awe-inspiring status among hardcore
brand fans. Customers who buy Pukka Juice from our online vape shop prefer the
fruity kick of the Tropical
. It contains the sting of passionfruit, the kick of ice, and the
juicy flavours of watermelon and kiwi.

The Blaze series is ever popular. Customers can taste their
own rainbow with Rainbow
. This flavour is new to Vape Direct shelves and features a crisp
menthol with a rainbow candy and berry blast. The Blaze vape flavours from
Pukka Juice come in that brand standard 70/30 ratio, so you always get that
throaty hit. The Blaze flavours also include the Berry Blaze,
without the rainbow candy, a shock of berries, both sour and sweet. Not sold on
the sweetness? You want the Blaze on its
own… on the rocks. Raspberry, sharp blueberry, and plenty of ice to wash it
down with.

Let’s not leave out the Pukka Juice blackcurrant
vape juice
, either. It’s a vape juice clients can’t get enough of.

Pukka Vape juice offers and discounts from Vape Direct

As well as the internationally acclaimed Pukka Juice
e-liquids, Vape Direct sell more of your favourite brands at great discounted
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E-Liquid bottles or enjoy 6 for £20 on Nic
. Shop for
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