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Wick Liquor

Wick Liquor are a leading purveyor of vape juices in the UK. Manufactured in the British Isles, Wick Liquor encompass Boulevard, Carnival, Deja Voodoo and Contra premium e-liquids.

Originally produced in 2015, Wick Liquor vape juices are a boutique eliquid brand. They offer a curated e-liquid collection aimed at the vape connoisseur. Ideal for beginner users who want to try the finer vape juices on offer and for the experienced vaper, who wants a high quality blend of vape liquids.

Buy Wick Liquor vape juice in Vape Direct Milton Keynes, Neath Hill, Stacey Bushes, or Buckingham vape shops.

Get 3 for £12 on Wick Liquor Nic Salts, or 2 for £25 on Wick Liquor 50ml Shortfill Bottles.

With our 6 for £20 on Wick Liquor 10ml bottles offer, there’s no reason not to bulk buy vape juice on payday.

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Wick Liquor Nic Salts and Vape Juices

What Vape Products do Wick Liquor Sell?

Wick Liquor sell iso 90001 compliant vape juices,
manufactured within the UK. They offer a number of products under their brand.

Wick Liquor Nic Salts come in a range of flavours, including
Carnival: a warm, sugary, candy-skull flavour. Nic salts from Wick Liquor come
in 50:50, PG:VG ratios. These eliquids are ideal for vape kits and open tank
vape devices.

The Panama Lounge Collection by Wick Liquor are vape juices
of distinction. Another 50:50 blend, these high quality eliquids are fashioned
on the deep south. They blend tobacco tastes with sweet sensations to create a
unique flavour profile, true to the Wick Liquor brand.

Wick Liquor offer a different range of PG:VG ratio with
their Shattered series. Flavour Profiles under the Shattered banner include
Boulevard and Contra, two of the best known Wick Liquor vape juice and nic salt
flavours. These have a VG:PG ratio of 80:20. They come in shortfill bottles which you can add a nic shot to. At Vape Direct, we give you a free nic shot
with each bottle.

Wick Liquor also produce the Deja Voodoo flavour profile.
This brand-defining flavour blends Chula Vista sugar cane with coconut husk for
a tropical, undeniably Wick Liquor vape juice taste.

How Do Wick Liquor Nic Salts and Vape Juices

Nic salts are eliquids blended from the natural salts found
in the leaves of the tobacco plant. These salts give a stronger nicotine
effect, harnessed by Wick Liquor to create high intensity vape juices made in
the UK.

Use vape juices and nic salts with your vape device, opening
the tank to refill it. For best results, use your Wick Liquor vape juice from
Vape Direct with a new coil for each flavour. We sell replacement coils for
vape devices online in our store.

To use short fill bottles, add your nic shot to your bottle
and mix. You can also make your own vape juice flavours by combining your
favourite Wick Liquor eliquids.

What flavour is Contra Wick Liquor?
Wick Liquor’s Contra flavour features a pomegranate base
with a lemony overtone. It is both refreshing and fruity.

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