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I VG are a leading manufacturer of vape juices, not just in the UK, but worldwide. Available in over 100 countries, vape juice brand IVG began back in 2016. Famous for their fruity, zesty flavour profiles, IVG eliquids are a product of Acme Vape Lab.

You can buy IV G vape juices from Vape Direct in each of our UK vape shops. Find us in Milton Keynes, Neath Hill, Buckingham, or Stacey Bushes. Alternatively, shop online for IVG eliquids right here in our UK based online vape shop.

Available in 6 continents of the world, you can now buy I Vape Great eliquids here at Vape Direct. Our UK based vape shops sells high quality vape kits, juices, and replacement parts.

You can buy IVG vape juices and compatible vape kits from Vape Direct or take advantage of our exclusive offers on affordable eliquids.

Exclusive Offers..

* Mix & match! Any 2 for £25 (50ml Shortfills)

* Discounts will only be applied on checkout.

What is an IVG Vape Juice?

IVG stands for “I Vape Great” which speaks to their brand
ethos. An IVG vape juice aims to be the best of the best, and often IVG
eliquids find themselves on top ten best vape juices lists. IVG create vape
juices as well as three types of disposable vape. The Bar, Bar Diamond, and
Crystal disposable vapes are proving popular.

An IVG vape juice comes in one of three forms. They produce
nic salts, shortfill bottles, and 50:50 eliquid blends. IVG create fruity and
zesty flavour profiles, known to make the mouth water.

What is the best IVG juice?

IVG eliquids come in all shapes and sizes. However, it is
their combinations of traditional flavours which set them apart as one of the
best vape juice brands in the UK. The large short fill bottles come in VG:PG
ratios of 70:30.

Customers love the intensity of the IVG flavours. They
complement each normal vape juice flavour with a twist of IVG creativity. The
Strawberry Sensation flavour is more than just strawberry. It comes with a hint
of candy and mint. The Riberry flavour has a lemonade fizz aftertaste with a
berry punch. Instead of blackcurrant, IVG has Blackberg – an extra fruity mix
of blackcurrant and blueberry.

Which is the best IVG vape juice flavour? We will leave that
to you to decide.

How do you use IVG eliquids?

Millions of vape users all over the planet trust IVG vape
juices for their ease of use. Mix any of the short fill bottles of
action-packed flavour with the free nicotine shot Vape Direct give you with
every purchase. Make
your juice
as strong as you like, then use the dropper to pour it directly
into the tank on your vape device.

To avoid muddy flavours, keep one coil per IVG high quality
vape juice flavour. You can buy replacement coils for your vape device through
our online vape shop, based in the UK. Before you use your new IVG flavour, you
should prime your coil. This means applying a few drops of I VG eliquid to your
coil and wick to ensure it is soaked thoroughly before use.



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