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Just Juice

Just Juice E-liquids specialise in making fun flavours of vape juice, ideally suited to those who are quitting smoking.

The founders behind Just Juice began their innovative brand of e-liquids back in 2017. The brand story features the two founders trying to quit their lifelong cigarette addiction. They created a powerful, punchy e-juice flavour series, to help others like them on their quitting journey. The brand became Just Juice, and the rest is e-cigarette history.

You can buy Just Juice vape flavours right here with Vape Direct. Our Buckingham, Neath Hill, Stacey Bushes, and Milton Keynes vape shops have a full supply.

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More On Just Juice

What is Just Juice?

Just Juice are a UK based vape juice brand which we supply
here at Vape Direct. The brand is the brainchild of makers Carlos and Andy, who
created high impact e-liquid flavour profiles as vape juices to get excited
about when you switch
to vaping from smoking
. The resulting Just Juice vaping products are
perfect for those switching from cigarettes to full-time vaping.

Which vape juice brand is best for ex-smokers?

The Just Juice brand design their e-liquids to have a high VG:PG
. Standard vape juice blends have the 50:50 ratio, or thereabouts.
Just Juice market their brand towards ex-smokers. As well as their tailored
blend of vape juice flavours, ex-smokers might also favour a tobacco flavour juice

A higher VG, that’s Vegetable Glycerine, to PG, over PG,
that’s Propylene Glycol, ratio hits the throat like a cigarette. This gives the
ex-smoker a mouth-to-lung vape juice product that feels like they are smoking.
A higher PG ratio has the opposite effect. This type of vape juice has a
smoother draw inward, bypassing the throat hit a smoker might crave.

Just Juice do not produce standard 50:50 vape juices. They
produce e-liquids in the UK which have as much as a 70:30 VG:PG ratio. This
type of e liquid hits the throat hard, perhaps too hard for a DTL vape user.
You can buy higher
VG E-liquids
from our UK based online vape shop.

What are the best flavours of Just Juice Vape Liquid?

Choose from Just Juice Fusion flavours for a vibrant, zingy,
perk-you-up flavour range. Combine that zest with a hint of ice in the Mango and
Blood Orange Fusion
flavour. Berry
Burst with Lemonade
gets rave reviews for its summer-feel lemonade fruit
explosion. At only 30PG, these are the throat hits any ex-smoker needs from a
vape juice.

Alternatively, stick to the Lemonade, Kiwi Cranberry,
or Apple
and Pear
flavours from the Just Juice Superior Flavour range.

How much nicotine is in Just Juice products?

Just Juice offer a range of nicotine filled vape juice
products. If you buy a 25ml shortfill Just Juice e-liquid from Vape Direct, we
will give you one free nicotine shot. Adding this 10ml nicotine shot
containing 18mg of nicotine to your 50ml bottle of short fill solution will
give you 60ml total of 3mg strength vape juice.

Need your vape juice at full nicotine strength? Check out
our Wick Liquor Nic

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