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What is a vape coil?

Most vape coils comprise of a wire that is wrapped in wick or cotton material, this wick then soaks up the vaping liquid and draws it through the coil to produce the lovely tasting vapour you get from your e-cigarette.

The coil forms one of three parts you need to vape; the tank which holds the liquid, the battery which provides the power and the coil which heats the liquid and turns it into vapor.

Coils come in different resistances or ohms which allow you to customise your vaping experience to suit your needs. We will explain more ohm’s and resistance that below.

When to replace your coils?

When to replace your coils?

How frequently you replace coils really depends on how much you vape. There is no definite guideline on how long a coil will last and there are several factors affecting the life span of coil such as the type of liquid and the wattage or temperature you vape at.

You will know when your coil needs changing as the flavour of your eliquid will reduce and you will start to get a burnt flavour coming through.

  • Heavy Vaper:
    Someone who uses their kit continuously throughout the day may need to replace coils between four to six days
  • Medium Vaper:
    Someone who vapes regularly may find coils can last up to fourteen days
  • Light Vaper:
    Someone who uses it socially or sporadically throughout the day can see coils last up to three weeks.
What coil is right for my tank/kit?

What coil is right for my tank/kit?

The type of coil you need will depend on the brand of kit or tank you use. There is not a universal coil that fits all tanks, so ensuring you select the correct one for your setup is very important. For example, if you have a SMOK Vape Pen 22, you won’t be able to buy a set of Aspire coils to use in that tank. Most brands do, however, produce e cig coils that are compatible with different tanks or kits in their range.

What are ohms and which resistance should I choose?

Ohms are the resistance your coil runs at and depending on what vaping experience you want will dictate the ohms you select. Coils range from 0.15 all the way up to 2.8 ohms.

Sub Ohm coils operate at 1.0 ohm or below and produce more vapour and offer a warmer type of vape with more intense flavour. They are designed to be used with higher VG liquids and will burn through liquid quicker because of the lower resistance and higher temperatures you can vape at.

Higher Ohm coils operate at 1 ohm and above, produce less vapour and generally use less eliquid when vaping.