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Vaping Could Solve The Smoking Epidemic in Young People | Vape Direct

Vaping Could Solve The Smoking Epidemic in Young People

Young adults aged 18-34 have turned to smoking cigarettes to help cope with the trauma of Covid-19.

With Cancer Research declaring an increase in young adult smokers of a full 25% In the first lockdown, could E-Cigs tackle this epidemic? Sources say they are already helping smokers to quit.

Earlier this month, our research team reported on news on E-cigs from the NHS. As a result of scientific evidence, the NHS have begun a trial to give smoker’s vaping device starter kits aimed at helping them quit smoking. The evidence is overwhelming: using a vape can help you to quit smoking cigarettes. The more we study it, the more we realise vaping is an excellent option instead of nicotine replacement therapy.

Recent Studies Confirm as many as 85% of Ex-Smokers Quit with Vapes

The UK has several vaping outlets, one of which performed a study in their stores. VPZ led the poll to see how many of their clients were ex-smokers. They found 86% of people had tried and failed to quit smoking using other means. 30% of people they interviewed said they had quit smoking with the aid of Nicotine gum or patches, at the same time.

This poll reinforces what we already know about vape products. They present a slightly healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and give you the same hit in the back of your throat that cigarettes did. 

The NHS estimate that nearly 80,000 people die every year in the UK through smoking or smoking related illnesses. They maintain that continuing to smoke is linked with 50 serious health conditions – which smoking may even cause. With death rates so high and diseases so terminal, it’s no wonder that the NHS and the UK gov have been on a mission to stop people from smoking for decades now. E-cigarettes could lead the way in helping resolve the issue.

This study echoes that of a UCL study run in 2019. Their journal on Addiction found that as many as 95% of smokers could quit using a vape device instead of nicotine replacement therapy. While NRT gives smokers a 34% chance of quitting in their studies, a vaping device is just shy of fully effective.

What Vape Device Do You Need to Quit Smoking?

If you have a desire to quit smoking, then we have the tools to help you do it. You can browse our vape starting kits section, keeping in mind the NHS trial is only over a handful of hospitals. Don’t wait for it to unroll in a hospital or doctor’s surgery near you, quit in your own time with one of our high-quality vaping starter kits

The Best way to Quit Smoking is with Vape Devices

What all this means is that the future of quitting smoking doesn’t lie in NRT, but in a combination of approaches. Introducing the starter E-cig kits to patients, combined with maintaining NRT and counselling or group therapy sessions, could see the number of smokers here in the UK reduced to 0. In the meantime, you can always have your vape juice tobacco flavoured.

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