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How to Help Stop Young People Vaping? How to Help Stop Young People Vaping? > How to Help Stop Young People Vaping?

How to Help Stop Young People Vaping?

With more news outlets and organisations referring to the problem of teen vaping in Britain as an ‘epidemic’ every day, it’s time we, as responsible vape users, started taking an interest.

As it is, the environmental impact of the litter disposable vapes cause, coupled with the war on colourful packaging and fun flavours, is driving local councils to scrutinize each vape product closer. This is not a bad thing. We want vape manufacturers who are safe and responsible. The problem with teen vaping is in the potential to damage their unformed lungs, and the gap in their understanding regarding vape devices.

The Public Need to Research Disposables and Fake Vapes

No matter the wording, there is a problem. When you buy a disposable it almost always has nicotine in it. If children are managing to buy these, then we need to inform the general public about what to look for to spot potential small shop owners who are selling them to children. The problem is doubled by these same shop owners buying underground market disposables which fake the latest top brands. 

As a result, there are two clear ways you can contribute to stopping vaping harming kids as a vigilant member of the public.

The Two Methods for Spotting Likely Underage Vape Sellers

There are two main methods for spotting vape sellers who supply children and teens with disposable vape devices.

#1 – Watch the Store from a Distance

The first method for spotting a dodgy seller of disposable vapes is by keeping an eye on the store. Do multiple children hang around it? Do some of them ask older people to buy them vapes? Are the children hanging around until the store is empty, then coming out with a vape product in hand?

#2 – Examine the Vape Products on Sale

We have a previous guide which can talk you through what to look for when spotting fake disposables on another page. However, looking closely at the name to spot mistakes, recognising familiar branding and logos will help, and you should look at the puff number. Puffs are limited to 600 in the UK. More than that is an illegal import. Look at the nicotine strength, too. You want no more than 20 mg max. You can browse disposable vape products at to familiarise yourself with popular vape types.

What to do if you suspect a shop of selling vapes to UK kids?

If you suspect a shop is selling vapes to children or selling vapes that are illegally imported and therefore potentially damaging, then you can report that store. Contact the local council or report them directly to Trading Standards authorities.

Finding a Responsible UK Vape Shop

If you want to vape yourself in the full safety of legal, checked, high quality vape devices, then we invite you to browse our online vape shop. With fast delivery, excellent prices, and great deals on vape juice, we are Milton Keynes’ favourite solution. Buy before 3pm if you live in town and we will offer same day delivery on orders over £10.

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