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Happy Vibes Disposables Land in

Happy Vibes Disposables Land in

The nation’s newest innovation in disposable vaping has hit the shelves, but who are Happy Vibes and which vape products do they make?

Everyone’s favourite vape shop just upgraded it’s disposable range to include Happy Vibes Twist 2400 vapes – but how is it possible to get 2400 puffs out on a disposable vape? We only stock compliant products here, so how does one disposable vape brand manage to stock 2400 puffs in one device? Let’s investigate.

Who are Happy Vibes?

Happy Vibes are a wholesale disposable vape company on a mission to improve the quality and size of disposable vapes. Using a combination of out-of-the-box thinking and technological innovations, the Happy Vibes team are making waves with their vapes. Why? Because normally a disposable vape can only legally hold 600 puffs.

According to UK law, a disposable can have no more than a 2ml tank capacity, which amounts to those 600 puffs. Happy Vibes are completely legal, however. They worked closely with Arcus Compliance Ltd to ensure fully compliant vape devices. They have gained the full approval of both the MHRA, who keep records of all legal vape devices in Britain, and the Trading Standards department. Nevertheless, their high puff count makes them a target for false reporting of illegal vapes.

The questions on everyone’s lips right now is how did they do it? Is it legal? And how do you get your hands on one?

How can you fit 2400 puffs in one vape device?

The Happy vibes vape team are incredibly clever. The owners let the research and development team take over and design something bigger and better than your standard vape – but without breaking the law. How do they do this? They start with a longer lasting battery, so that the device has enough power for the whole up to 3500 puffs in each device.

The device has 4 mesh coils connected withing 4 separate 2ml tanks, meaning that you can use this almost like a pod vape kit. The battery will last until you use all your tanks. This means you get 4 times the 600 puff limit. That’s not all, though. Thanks to new tech increasing the puff capacity and built in to the device, manufacturers say they could last as long as 3,500 puffs.

That’s a lot of mileage for a disposable vape device.

The Happy Vibes Twist 2400 Disposable Vape Series

The Happy Vibes vape series is as flavourful as it is tantalizing. For the moment, the top Twist series vape devices we have instore include these key devices:

As the range expands, so will our stock of Happy Vibes vape devices here at

Where to Buy Disposable Vapes, E-Liquid, and Vape Kits Online?

If you are in need of disposable vapes, refillable vape devices, new coils, replacement pods, or even a new battery, we have it all at Vape Direct – Milton Keynes’ favourite vape shop.

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