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How to Fix These 8 Common Vape Problems

How to Fix These 8 Common Vape Problems

Is your vape device not giving you the performance that it should? Here are the 8 most common problems which interfere with your vaping pleasure.

As vaping grows in popularity, Vape Direct are in an excellent position to welcome in new technology which creates devices of greater power, greater puffs, and greater complexity. As the tech advances, each new wave brings another issue which developers must shoot down before they release a new model. Although vape devices are far less harmful for you than smoking, and although they save you money from the first fortnight, they can be pesky, too.

Fixing 8 Pesky Vape Problems

We asked the internet what the most common vape problems were and here is what numerous algorithms, forums, and our own experience as the UK’s favourite online vaping shop, to deduce the following vape fixes.

1 – Not Enough Vapour

If your vape isn’t giving enough steam, it is likely due to a failing battery. Charge your vape device first and see if that fixes the problem. If not, it might be time to change the coil. Higher viscosity vape liquids can sometimes do this if the power settings are not high enough.

2 – Leaky Liquids

If your vape juice is leaking, it could be an imperfectly fitted tank. Try reassembling your vape device. If that doesn’t work, check the o rings for damage. This may also happen if you overfill your vape tank. Switching to a pod device might help. You can also replace your tank.

3 – Burnt Vape Hits

If your vape tastes burnt you may not have dripped liquid onto the new coil before you began using it. There may not be enough vape juice in your tank, or you could be using too much power. We call these dry hits and we have a whole article on how to stop it from happening to you.

4 – Gurgling Noises

Your coil is flooded with too much juice so it doesn’t have the heat to power your inhalation. This could be due to too much e-liquid, or it could be a problem with low power or a blocked mouthpiece. Clean your coil and try again.

5 – Battery Running Low

You should charge your vape device every day for a couple of hours. There is a mistaken belief that vape devices work using the same technology as the old style of copper battery as the first mobile phones. Check your charger for wear and tear and especially check the charging port on your device.

6 – Strange Tastes and Smells

These are usually produced by vape liquid which is passed its best. Shop with to replace the gunky liquid with fresh bottles. Make sure you are storing your e-liquid in a cool, dark place, where it is not exposed to strong scents of chemicals.

7 – Your Vape Won’t Turn On

Vapes that don’t turn on are typically suffering from an electrical fault. Unfortunately, you should not use it and ought to return it to the place you bought it. They may have a fix for you.

8 – Noisy Vaping

Airflow problems through the mouthpiece, a loose coil, or a damaged tank can all cause this.  

Where to Buy New Parts, Coils, E-liquids, and Glass for Vape Tanks?

Whatever you need for your vape device, you can find it online in our UK based vape shop. Browse our online store for vape products and stay tuned for updated products and new releases.

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