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What is an Elf Bar?


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We explored some FAQs about Elf Bar vaping.

Wondering what an Elf Bar is? Those new to vaping might not be familiar with one of the UK’s biggest vape brands. Have no fear, however, since we are here to explain everything. Elf Bar are a disposable vape manufacturer known for providing a smooth, long-lasting vaping experience that won’t let you down.

We researched everything we could about Elf Bar to try and answer some of your FAQs. Here at Vape Direct, we are on a mission to keep our customers informed on vaping, vaping devices, and vape juices. Below, you will find everything you need to know about vaping using Elf Bar devices.

What is an Elf Bar?

Elf Bar are the UK’s leading manufacturer of high quality disposable vaping devices. They produce enticing options in flavour across all nicotine strengths. They last 600 puffs – enough for a day – where other disposable vape brands won’t last a full afternoon.

Elf Bar focus on sleek disposable vaping devices with the 600 disposable Device one of their top sellers. This new device aims for 600 puffs, which gives you a clear indication of how fa apart Elf Bar are from other disposable vape manufacturers. Many will claim to last 400 and die after 250. You don’t get this with an Elf Bar vape.

How Many Puffs do you get in an Elf Bar?

The standard disposable devices from this brand give you 600 puffs. We should note that this is an average taken from the brand’s own research. 600 puffs are far longer than other brands offer with similar products.

The standard vape puff length differs between ex-smokers and vapers, as determined by scientific studies. Research shows the average vape puff in one study as 3.5 seconds in vape users and 2.3 seconds in smokers.

How Long Does it Last?

The average disposable vape device lasts for 400 puffs. Elf Bar add an extra two hundred puffs onto this. While a normal disposable vape device might only last you three days, Elf bar will last far longer. the duration of use is what makes this brand so appealing.

To put this into perspective of how many puffs you might take in a day, we turned to science. In one trial to determine the potential effects of 1 million puffs on an e-cigarette, the average median number of puffs per day across 185 vape users was 132.

So if you puffed your vape 132 times in a day, your Elf Bar disposable vape device would last you 4 and a half days. They also use a 550mAh battery to ensure your device has enough power in it to outlast the juice. It’s a high powered battery for a disposable device. There are brands of rechargeable vape device which use batteries of this strength.

What Flavours can you get Elf Bar in?

Elf Bar make their long-lasting disposable vape devices even more enticing by producing them in a range of flavours. They combine a stylish design with 2ml of vape juice and enough power to keep you puffing.

Here at Vape Direct, we offer choices in Elf Bar vape flavours so you have options. Here are some of the flavour profiles of our Elf Bar products:


This is a 2ml 600 puff disposable that tastes like fizzy red fruits. It has a citrusy-raspberry taste. We sell it in 20mg nicotine strength.


A popular flavour, watermelon tastes exactly how you think it will. It’s a refreshing watermelon flavour that comes in 20mg nicotine strength.


If you see a vape juice with “ice” in the name, it usually implies a menthol or eucalyptus burst of flavour. This interesting mix blends menthol with super sweet cotton candy for a pleasant vape experience.

Similar to the menthol cooling blast of the cotton candy ice version, this 2%, 20mg disposable vape device from Elf Bar has all the fruity goodness of lychee attached.


Experience a fizzy burst of cola flavour from a vape device with this stylish disposable. 600 puffs worth of 2ml, 20mg nicotine strength makes this flavour a favourite.


What could be more flavourful than blending blueberries with the sharpness of nearly-ripe raspberries? That’s what this one tastes like. We sell it in 2ml capacity with 20mg nicotine.


The only way to make banana flavoured e-liquid better is to add in a menthol, cooling aftertaste. This Banana Ice blend is exceptional. It’s one of our newer product lines.


For those who love sweets, this flavour touches those taste buds and gives you all the wonderful sticky sweetness without the horrible calories. Try vaping strawberry ice cream if you have a sweet tooth.


Available in 2ml for 20mg nicotine strength, Kiwi Passion mixes three tropical fruits for a tropical flavour like no other. Indulge in kiwi, passionfruit, and guava, to tingle those tastebuds.

What Deals and Offers Can I Get on Elf Bar At Vape Direct?

We offer fantastic prices on Elf Bar 600 disposable vape devices. Although our deals change from week to week, we currently offer a long-standing deal on Elf Bar disposable 600s. You can buy 2 for £10 in Elf Bar vapes through Vape Direct.

Don’t forget we offer same day delivery if you live in Milton Keynes and order before 3pm. Keep regular tabs on our website and you can see new deals as they arrive. We are one of the leading vape device and e-liquid suppliers in the UK, so you may even spot other products that you like on our page.

How do you Activate Elf Bar?

When you choose Elf Bar disposable vape devices, you don’t need to activate them. Some vape liquids need to be shaken or the pod needs to be open before you can use it.

Elf Bar have none of these problems. You simply start puffing on it once you remove it from the wrapper. This lets you puff straight away, without any button pushing, warming up, or charging. You do not need to shake the device or press any buttons. Simply put the mouthpiece to your lips and draw inwards. It will produce a puff similar to a cigarette.

How do you Properly Dispose of Used Vape Juices and Materials?

One of the problems with choosing a disposable vape device lies in the sustainability of these products. The biggest environmental problems created by a used vape device are twofold: the vape juice and the nicotine it contains, and the battery inside the device.

We know there are huge moral problems surrounding the supply of these batteries. Lithium-ion devices, which we use for electric cars, rechargeable e-cigs, and other devices, are often mined in unacceptable working conditions. They are then disposed of incorrectly, which causes harm to the environment. You should not throw your spent disposable e-cig in the bin. You should take it to your local recycling centre and have them deal with it on your behalf.

Elf Bar products can be placed in a recycle bin. Before you do this, you must make sure there is no e-liquid left within the device. Again, this is to do with the toxicity of nicotine. Scientists believe that vape juice is similar to oil, though we need more research. If too much of it gets into the water supply, it will dilute the water and cause harmful health effects. We should therefore handle products containing nicotine with extreme care.

Try to soak up any unused vape juice before you throw it in the bin. Catch the nicotine in a paper towel and dispose of it in the bin before you pop your Elf Bar disposable vape device into the recycling.

If you are concerned about the impact your vaping has on the environment, you can see our previous blog regarding how be more eco-friendly in your vaping choices.

Why Choose Elf Bar Over Other Leading disposables?

Elf Bar have set themselves apart from the competition in a number of ways. Let’s start with the average length of time you would have a disposable vape. Elf Bar products last around 4.5 days, while others last 3 if the batteries don’t give out. Which brings us to the second reason that Elf Bar are better than other leading disposable vape device brands are: the strength of the battery. More power means a better hit, especially if you are a smoker.

Asides from the duration and battery strength, you have the flavour profiles they offer. These range from fun and fruity to sweet and menthol. They provide great fizzy flavours and multiple choices. Elf Bar offer sleek, stylish designs which fit discreetly in your pocket or purse, where other vape brands are bulky or unseemly.

Final Thoughts

Elf Bar is a reputable name in vaping that we know are fully compliant in all areas of vape regulations according to the UK government. One of the things you should always look for in disposable vapes is compliance. Illegal vape devices are dangerous. Always choose a brand you recognise.