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How Should You Store E-Liquids? How Should You Store E-Liquids? > How Should You Store E-Liquids?

How Should You Store E-Liquids?

Storing your vape juice the right way will save you money and give you a better vaping experience. Here are guidelines to help you store E-liquids the correct way.

The way you store your vaping supplies can impact the strength of the nicotine content. Since manufacturer’s will always try to sell you the best version of their product, you can be sure that any deterioration over time comes from how you store the product. This guide tells you how to store your vape juices so that they last longer. Here’s a hot tip: you don’t always need to store your open vape juices in the fridge.

Why Should You Store Your E-Liquids Correctly?

There is a common vaping myth that your e-liquid lasts forever. Unfortunately this is not true. Vape juice has a BBE date just like any other product. After this date, the strength of the flavour might fade. Even if you keep the bottle sealed and stored away, it will still lessen in strength. Without properly storing your e-liquids you run the risk of strange smells and tastes contaminating the products, especially if they are open. Learning how to store your juices will get you more for your money when it comes to vape liquids.

Benefits of storing your e-liquids correctly include:

  • Better strength of flavour.
  • No contamination from other sources.
  • Leaving your vape juice on a windowsill can affect colour.
  • Leaving it near a heat source can cause a chemical reaction.
  • Exposing e-liquids to air can deteriorate the nicotine quality.

So it is clear that storing your e-liquids the right way is good for your vaping experience, as well as your wages.

Ways NOT TO Store E-Liquid

Let’s cover the ways we should not store our e-liquid first.

Freezing E-liquid

Freezing e-liquid is a bad idea as it will seriously impact the product’s integrity. As you know, freezing the water molecules within the e-liquid will lead to separation between those scented chemicals and the water in your vape juice. After freezing, you would need to fully defrost the product, allowing it to return to room temperature before you use it. Most e-liquids will have a note on the label about storage temperatures. Usually this is around 25 degrees Celsius.

Should you store Vape Juice in the Fridge?

When you put vape juice in the fridge, you have the same problem as when you place it in the freezer. Storing it too far below the suggested temperature will force the chemicals to separate. VG and PG vape juices have different temperatures of heating and cooling. So both will differ in their reactions and both will affect changes in the juice.

How to Store E-Liquids Properly

Now that we know where not to keep our vape juices, we can discuss what the best options in storage for your vape juices might be. As a guide, you should store e-liquids in a cool, dark place, away from strong odours or chemicals. Each bottle may have its own storage temperatures, but storing your unopened bottles of vape juice at 25oC is preferred across the industry. Avoid heat sources, lights, strong odours, or direct sunlight.

And Remember to Stock Up on E-juice!

If your E-juice does run out, you can always visit our closest vape store near you or check our page at Our Website allows you to search for vape juice by brand, by flavour, or by shortfill and nic shot bottles.


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