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Myth – All Vape Products Are Forbidden

We frequently hear customers ask if our high quality vaping products are forbidden in the UK. Let us bust this myth, for the last time.

There is a prevailing myth among those who are thinking of vaping for the first time. This myth is that vaping products are forbidden somehow, that they are illegal or frowned upon. In fact, the opposite is true. There is growing evidence that vape products can help you quit smoking and vaping is gaining popularity by the day. 

Let us clear something up from the beginning – vape products are safe:

  • The Tobacco Products Directive About E-Cigarettes deems them safer than cigarettes
  • Public Health England says they are safe to use
  • The NHS are trialling vaping devices to help patients quit smoking
  • Proper battery care will prolong the product’s life and keep you safe

As we can tell from this Vape Direct blog article, it is safe to use vaping products. In fact, healthcare officials here in the UK have hit back at claims that vaping products are responsible for an increase in respiratory diseases in the US. 

Here in the UK, our vaping products are completely safe to use. We know this because we have a set of standards which holds manufacturers and retailers to account over the safety of their products. Vaping supplies in Great Britain are subject to article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive, which is specific to e-cigarettes. 

Tobacco Products Directive About E-Cigarettes

We can see that the Tobacco Product directive (also known as the TPD) says that all e-cigarette devices must meet certain conditions. Provided these conditions are met, then the devices themselves are safe to use. Some of these safety parameters are as follows:

  • Strengths of vape juice that contain 20mg/ml nicotine or less have shown to help smokers quit
  • Refillable cartridges and vape devices carry a greater safety risk – not because of the electronics, but because of potential cross-contamination of vaping juices
  • Regulating flavour choices will reduce the attractiveness of vaping to young people
  • That tobacco flavour accounts for 50% of all e-liquids
  • That all e-cigarettes should give a consistent nicotine delivery system
  • Devices should be designed to release the same amount each time
  • The TPD sets a maximum nicotine concentration and volume for tanks
  • E-cigarette juices must be of a set strength and purity
  • Manufacturers must notify the EU market through a standardised form when they produce products
  • They have introduced packaging and labelling rules
  • They also monitor for changes in the market

After these guidelines were introduced, companies were asked to write to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency to alert them that they were selling off old stock. They had 6 months to do so, then they must stock approved products only. This deadline allowed them to clear out old stock. Vape companies established after the regulations were introduced have only ever sold TPD compliant vaping devices and vape juices.

Although we can account for the safety of the devices used to vape with, there is one thing that is worth remembering. Although there is no factual evidence to connect e-cigarettes to the reported rise in respiratory illnesses in the US, nicotine is still an addictive substance. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the NHS is trialling the use of e-cigarettes as an effective tool to stop smoking. The preliminary information suggests that they may be more useful than nicotine replacement therapies.

Remember: Nicotine is still Nicotine

With or without the vape, nicotine is still an addictive substance. Although studies show that vaping devices can help you stop smoking, the vape juices used will still contain nicotine. However, vaping is less harmful on the lungs than cigarette smoking according to clinical trials.

Electronic Cigarettes are Safe

It is not just our opinion that vaping products are safe to use, either. According to Public Health England, e-cigarettes are safe to use. In fact, their report claims that vaping is a whopping 95% less harmful to the lungs than smoking cigarettes is. This reinforces what the NHS have been telling us all along, that vaping products make a viable alternative that is healthier than cigarette smoke. 

Reports say that the government will be devising a campaign to encourage cigarette smokers to turn to vape devices in future. Vaping products do not use the same number of chemicals that cigarettes do. They do not contain the black tar which sticks to the inside of the lungs. Experts advise that any form of inhalation of chemicals is not entirely safe long term, but that they cannot deny the 95% statistic. 

Battery Care for your E-Cigarette

There are scary stories every so often about e-cigarettes that blow up in the users hand. We want to dismiss some of these while we are here. Like any other rechargeable device, an e-cigarette should only ever be used with the correct charger. The charger should be replaced if it starts to misbehave, give off a burning scent, or become audible. If you suspect your charger is faulty in any way, you should replace it with another from the same manufacturer.

You should not leave your vape device to charge indefinitely and you should unplug the charger when it is not in use. Do not wet the charger and try using a surge-safe plug socket.

Handling Vape Juices

Another area of concern highlighted by the TPD is in the handling of vape juices. Consider a pod device to avoid cross-contamination. Avoid getting the juice on your skin and, if you do get it on your lips, this is because your coil is saturated. Clean your mouth with plenty of water and remove some of the liquid. 

Keep all vape products away from children.

Myth Busted – Vape Products are Safe to Use

It is not the vape products which are not safe to use, but when we mishandle them that they represent a minimal risk. The juices should be kept sealed and away from children. The bottle should only be opened when you are using it. Keep your device charged using the charger appropriate to your device, and do not overcharge it.

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