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How to Save Money By Switching from Cigarettes to Vaping: The Math

Did you know switching from cigarettes to vaping could save you serious cash? Keep reading while we do the math.

Although vaping myths are keeping the last of the smokers away from vape devices, there is another massive benefit to quitting smoking using a vape device which we don’t talk about often enough. Vaping is cheaper than smoking – fact. This article attempts to explore the areas you can save money in through making the switch, while also trying to work out how much those savings could be. Is vaping worth it? It is if you are a smoker.

Identifying How Much Money You Spend on Cigarettes

Firstly, let’s outline exactly what smoking costs you, then work out how much vaping would cost you.

At the time of writing, UK cigarette prices are about to increase by another £1+. Statista shows us that they have jumped in price every year since they began recording back in 2000. The average price of a pack of 20 cigarettes in 2000 was £3.91. In 2022, that price has grown to £12.61. Every year the budget places higher tax fees on things like booze and cigarettes in an effort to sway the public away from buying. They don’t want to cancel them outright, of course. Not when they are making all that profit.

Say your average pack of cigarettes costs £12.61, that means you have a different weekly or monthly total based on your intake. You can use the list below to work out your weekly or monthly spend. Remember, this is just the average price. If your preferred brand cost more, you will spend more.

  • 10 cigarettes a day equals £44.14 per week and £176.54 every four week month.
  • 20 cigarettes a day equals £88.27 per week and £353.08 per four week month.
  • 30 cigarettes a day equals £132.41 per week or £926.87 per four week month.
  • 40 cigarettes a day equals £504.40 per week or £2017.60 per four week month.

Frankly, if you smoke more than that, you must be a millionaire.

How Much Money Would You Save Switching from Cigarettes to Vape Devices?

Next, let’s look at how much you might spend if you chose vaping, instead.

Say you spend the money on a top quality product. We will use this Voopoo Drag 4 Kit as an example. On our website it costs £59.99, but let’s round it up to £60 for the same of the numbers. Presumably you will begin with a smaller device, probably a disposable, to start with. Let’s add two disposables onto the starting costs of vaping then. We chose the Elf Bar 600 in cream tobacco flavour because it is hugely popular among ex-smokers. Lastly, you will need vape juice for your new vape device. Let’s go with our OhmBrew tobacco flavour, and we offer a special deal on these so three of them cost £12.

So let’s say you are an average smoker who gets through 20 per day. You start by switching to a disposable device and realise you like it. Therefore you decide to buy another. After two days, you have gone through 2 disposables at £5.99 each. On day three, you decide you like this vaping thing after all and visit our Milton Keynes or Buckingham vape shops to pick up your £60 vape device. You then order three bottles of 10ml Ohmbrew vape juice, each of which is worth 100 cigarettes of puffing. So one bottle costs £4 and lasts you five days.

At the end of your first week of vaping, your initial investment stands at £83.98. Remember, smoking 20 cigarettes per day costs £88.27 by comparison. At the end of your first week, you are already saving a fiver.

On your second week of vaping, your vape device doesn’t need juice because you still have two lots of 5 days left over. It costs you nothing but the electricity to charge the device for the next ten days, saving you another £88.27 for that second week.

On the third week, you run out of juice on Thursday, so you spend another £12 on three more 10ml bottles, and that is your total spend for a whole month, because it lasts five days per bottle.

How much less does vaping costs vs smoking?

The end result. Vaping as an ex-smoker who got through 20 cigarettes a day will cost a grand total of £95.98 in your first month. From then on, your only expense is the odd replacement part and the £12 for three bottles every 15 days. Total costs are roughly £24 per month.

Smoking 20 cigarettes every day for a month costs £353.08.

In the first month you save £271.10 pence if you buy a top of the range vape device. In the months that follow, vaping will save you £329.08 every single month thereafter, besides the odd replacement part.

The real question is why you are still smoking in the first place?


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