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Vaping Vs Smoking

Can you quit smoking using a vaping device? Your FAQs answered.

There are two types of vape device user. The first starts vaping because they enjoy the flavours and want to satisfy their sweet tooth without those nasty calories. The second type of vaper switches to a vaping device after years of smoking. Both types of vapers are welcome here at Vape Direct. We offer a complete range of products for both types.

Today, we want to focus on those who transfer to vaping device use after being a smoker originally. We have spent a lot of time covering the basics of vaping, but now we want to take some time to encourage ex-smokers to make the switch. Here is everything you ought to know about switching to an e-cigarette instead of your standard 20-deck.

What’s better for you – Vaping or Smoking?

Studies have proven that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. We often refer to the NHS trials, where they are using vaping devices to help smokers get off cigarettes. When placed side-by-side, cigarettes are far more likely to cause health problems and sooner. This all has to do with the number of chemicals in each.

What’s in Vape Juice?

A vape device has a handful of chemicals in it. The ingredients are basic. The e-liquids that you use contain Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol, both of which are used in food as additives. They are clear liquids with a syrupy texture, which can be sweetened with flavourings. Next, your vape juice includes flavourings like vanillin or peppermint oil, tobacco extract or fruit flavourings. After this, the vape juice includes water and nicotine.

You can browse our full range of vape juices here. It’s important to note that diacetyl, the ingredient media sources initially were concerned about in the making of vape juices, is banned here in the UK.

What’s in a Cigarette?

Cigarettes release somewhere in the region of 5,000 chemicals when they are lit. We know that up to 70 of these are cancer causing chemicals. We also know that some of the chemicals released are radioactive, which may explain why smokers are at increased risk of lung cancer. Some of the awful ingredients in cigarettes include:

  • Arsenic
  • Formaldehyde, which is a preservative
  • Polonium-21, which is highly radioactive
  • Benzene, an industrial solvent
  • Chromium, which is used to make paint
  • Tar
  • Carbon monoxide

All of which will kill you if you are exposed for too long.

It is these ingredients which has led countless organisations to repeat the government and NHS findings, that vaping is much less harmful than smoking and that heavy smokers’ health benefits from making that crucial switch.

Does vaping an e-cig help you quit smoking?

Yes, it does. In clinical trials, initial findings are that vape devices could be even more effective at helping you quit smoking than other accepted Nicotine Replacement Therapies. Vaping gives you that hit on the back of the throat that you crave so intensely when you quit smoking. It gives you the nicotine without the radioactive ingredients, thereby protecting your health against the worse damage a cigarette will cause. You also still get your nicotine hit, so you are satisfied by the experience.

We shouldn’t ignore the psychological side of things, either. A vape device fits into your hand just like a cigarette does. It gives you something to do with your fingers and something to lay against your lips. You are still inhaling your nicotine, so it hits all the right chords. The difference s that it is much less harmful to you. As a quitting mechanism, it’s just about the most effective tool there is.

Can I vape as much as I smoked?

You can. Better yet, you don’t need to throw away a whole cigarette because you don’t have time to smoke it all. Vaping saves you money in this way, but it also lets you take one or two draws where before you would have had to smoke the whole cigarette. This makes it healthier for you while it is reducing how much you spend.

If you want to save money and your health by switching to a vape device, we have a full range you can browse.

Does Vaping taste the same as tobacco?

Yes, if you use a tobacco flavoured vape juice it will taste the same. Your body might initially miss some of those harmful ingredients, but it is better off without them. The cravings will subside quickly when your body realises it is still getting the nicotine hit. Remember, there are plenty of flavours other than tobacco for you to try. There are menthol options, too.

Additionally, some vape juices contain no nicotine at all. If you ever want to wean yourself off entirely, you can work your way down in nicotine strength until you get to 0mg.

As a beginner, should I start smoking or vaping?

As a beginner, avoid cigarettes entirely. Opt for a 0mg vape juice so that you don’t end up hooked on nicotine. If you smoke for the nicotine high, however, start on a low mg and work your way up. Beginners have the best options in vaping because they can decide on any flavour they like. An ex-smoker should stick to tobacco for the same feeling, at least until the cravings are under control.

Can people get lung cancer from second-hand vaping?

While we know that there are countless cases of people who have had lung cancer from second-hand smoke, we don’t know that vaping has this affect. Passive smoking is a recognised problem within the NHS, but passive vaping is not. It may be that more studies are needed in the area, or it may be that it just doesn’t happen. We will have to revisit this question in a few years for more details.

In the meantime, you should protect your loved ones from second-hand vapours just to be on the safe side. Nicotine is not good for those who haven’t chosen to have a nicotine addiction. We don’t want to damage children’s or loved one’s health with it, and so we ought to do it with windows open or outside.

Lastly, remember that the rules for smoking in public places in the UK apply to e-cigarettes as well. Don’t go puffing in a restaurant or you may find yourself asked to leave.

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