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How to Prevent Dry Hits When Vaping? - Vape Direct How to Prevent Dry Hits When Vaping? - Vape Direct > How to Prevent Dry Hits When Vaping? - Vape Direct

How to Prevent Dry Hits When Vaping?

Wondering why you keep getting a dry hit on your vaping device? Here are the reasons to rule out to improve your experience.

Enjoying a new vape juice is a refreshing experience. It’s nice to try other types of juice from our normal brand or flavour once in a while. You might find something you like better and it keeps your vaping experience fresh. However, when you try a new vape juice you are most at risk from dry hits. Every time you change a coil to match a new flavour of juice, you could find yourself experiencing this problem.

Today, we here at Vape Direct are turning our attention onto the dry vape hit. What is it, what causes it, and what can you do to correct it? Let’s find out as we discuss how to prevent those dry hits.

What is a Dry Hit?

Although vaping is better for you than smoking, a dry hit will make you cough. A dry hit on your vaping device is when you press the button and breath in from your vape – but no liquid comes with it. When you breathe in a dry hit like that, the coil is at risk of burning. What is happening is that the coil isn’t damp, so you are burning it dry. This dry burning is travelling up through the mouthpiece and hitting the back of your throat with a dry, acrid, or burnt taste.

Unfortunately, all vape users are likely to experience a dry hit at least once in their lives. Most of the time this is a one-off hit. You will top up the tank with vape juice and the problem will solve itself. However, some of us experience persistent dry hits which can put us off using our vape device. Luckily, we have explored what might be causing persistent or recurring dry hits from your vape device.

Causes and Ways to Prevent Dry Hits While Vaping

Below, we have examined each of the reasons why you might experience dry hits while vaping. We have also researched the solution for each problem. Try each of the methods below and see if it solves your dry hit problem.

Always Make Sure Your Coil is Saturated With Vape Juice

The most obvious answer to the question of why you keep getting dry hits on your vape, is that the coil hasn’t absorbed enough liquid. This problem happens because you don’t have enough liquid in the tank or because you have just placed a new coil in there and it’s not ready yet.

To solve this issue with dry hits on your vape, make sure you give the coil enough time to really soak up those juices. It shouldn’t take long. You should also make sure that you have topped your tank up to the fill levels. Each vape device tank should have clear markers that represent the minimum and maximum liquid amounts. If you are falling below the minimum amount of liquid for your tank, you may find you are breathing dry vape hits.

You Might Be Vaping Too Frequently

A second reason why your vape coil isn’t absorbing liquid and you are therefore receiving that dry hit, is that you are vaping too quickly. If you consistently puff and puff and puff on your vape device, you will burn through the liquid before it has a chance to soak into the coil. What’s happening here is that you burn off the liquid and take another draw on your vape before the coil has a chance to draw in more liquid. You are burning your coil if you do this.

The solution is easy. Give yourself a few moments between each puff to let that vape juice saturate back into the coil again. You might want to up your vape device to a sub ohm vape kit if you haven’t already. This will give you more of a puff that goes straight to your lungs. There’s more vapour with sub ohm devices. It might match your lung capacity better. You can find these in our online vape shop or you can pop in to Milton Keynes or Stacey Bushes to speak to us in person for more advice.

The Vape Device is Too Hot

If your vape device is set to a high setting, that’s going to impact how quickly your vape juice burns off. A high heat setting will make the coil hotter, therefore burning through your vape juice quicker. This will do two things: it will make you need new vape juice faster, and it will put you at risk of the dreaded dry hit.

This one has a simple solve, you just have to turn down the elevated temperature to something more manageable. You should soon find that you use less juice and that your device gives you a better hit.

You May Need to Update Your Vaping Device

As we mentioned above, updating your vaping device is a clever idea for those that need it. If your device is a year or two old, it may just not have the same power as newer devices. It might not be hitting the coil the same way or may not have high heat or wattage to suit you.

Updating your vape device should solve the problem of repetitive dry hits from an older device. It can solve leaking tank problems. Sometimes, you might find you are always topping up the tank to avoid that dry hit, even though the tank leaks most of it away.

You can buy each part of your vape device individually if you need replacements. On the other hand, a whole new vape device kit is best if you are experiencing multiple problems.

The VP/PG Ratio of your Vape Juice Could Be Causing It

The composition of your vape juice might be what is causing the issue. A high PG ratio will give you an intense throat hit but is more likely to burn dry. High VG Liquids is a much smoother inhale with less of a throat hit. If you are mixing your own, a 50:50 mix is best. If you are shopping for vape juices, try alternating your flavour with a brand that has a higher VG ratio.

You can learn more about what vape juice contains in our guides section if you are unsure. The two main ingredients are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. Most e-liquids contain both of these in different quantities. They also contain water, nicotine, and flavourings to give them their unique tastes. Whichever blend you prefer, remember that it will impact your hit. Nobody wants to be burning through coils too quickly, either.

Did You Prime Your Coil?

Some vape devices – especially higher temperature and sub ohm devices – require you to prime the coil before you place it inside the device. To prime a coil, drip e-liquid onto it a drop or two at a time until it feels wet. Next, insert your coil and you should solve the dry hit problem. Some vape companies will tell you to do this with every device, but you only have to do it with those high strength, high heat models. The higher the wattage, the greater the chances of a dry hit when you first use a new coil.

If you accidentally burned your coil, you would need a replacement. Find your new replacement coils here. Try replacing it and starting again. Remember, you ought to keep one coil per vape flavour to avoid buying fresh ones every time you try a new flavour. You can even remove the coil matching one flavour and keep it damp in a zip lock bag until you need it again.

Where to Buy A New Vaping Device Online?

You can find your new vape kits products here. We sell everything from basic models to replacement parts. You can pick up coils in our online shop and even try different flavours of vape juice if that suits you. If you have experienced issues with dry hits often, think about upping to a more powerful device.

Where to Buy Quality Vaping Juices in the UK?

We have a huge variety of vape juices here in the UK. You can choose from some well known brands or popular flavours. We sell Nic Salts and even Nicotine-Free Vape Juice. You can also find out more about vaping, vape devices, and Vaping as an NRT, here on our pages.

Conclusion: Dry Hits are Preventable

There can be no question that your dry hits on your vape are preventable. IF you have followed the tips outlined in this guide, then you should find yourself back on track to a pleasant vaping experience. Don’t let a few burned coils put you off. Vaping is much less harmful for you than smoking and allows you to taste all the sweet treats you want, minus those nasty calories. Get out there and enjoy it. We will be here for all the replacement parts you need.

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