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How to Spot a Fake Disposable Vape Device


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The UK market is becoming saturated with illegally imported fake vape devices. Here is how to check you vape device is the real deal.

What’s the problem with fake vapes? They are cheaper, they come with less overheads like branding, and they taste the same – right? Except that illegally imported rip-offs don’t go through safety checks. They don’t have the battery safety standards of UK manufacturers. Worse, the chemicals within them are unregulated. Those scare stories you read about in the news where kids get sick from vaping are not caused by branded devices. They happen when illegally imported devices containing harmful chemicals fall into the hands of the unaware.

Learning how to spot a fake vape device could save you from a terrible accident. Here is our how to guide, along with instructions on conducting vape authenticity checks and advice on disposable vapes to avoid.

Over 2.5 million fake vapes were confiscated from the streets of Britain in 2023.

Spotting a Fake Vape - The Vape Authenticity Check

As the popularity of vaping increased, so did the prevalence of counterfeit vape products flooding the market. The authorities, concerned about public safety, implemented a new measure to combat the issue – the Vape Authenticity Check.

This mandatory verification system requires all vape devices, whether disposable or reusable, to register on an official database before they are legally sold in England and Wales. In order to perform the vape authenticity check, users can scan a unique QR code or input a serial number provided on the packaging of government-approved vape devices.

Before, we were forced to rely on spotting imitation branding and poor quality packaging. Nowadays, vape manufacturers provide information on approved products through online verification services. Often, you will enter a 6-digit code through a manufacturer’s website to ascertain if your vape device is the real deal or not.

Ideally, the vape authenticity checker would become a mobile app in itself, referencing a government run database. The app could receive codes, check against the MHRA database for manufacturer details, and pass that information to the user. This initiative would aim to empower users to make informed choices and identify genuine products. Moreover, you could spot potentially dangerous counterparts and pass on the alert.

You can check your vape brand’s authenticity through the MHRA website.

Counterfeit vape devices undermine efforts towards a smoke-free generation.

How to Spot a Fake Vape Device

Not all fake vapes are disposable, but we are focusing on them because you are more likely to research a permanent product since it costs more. They are also prevalent in stores throughout the UK. The rules for spotting a fake vape device and a fake disposable remain the same. But what exactly is a fake vape?

What is a Fake Vape Device?

A fake vape is the term we use to describe imitation and counterfeit vaping products. These are often made to mimic brands that we know and love. They can be convincing, even copying branding and packaging, but fake vapes can also be harmful. Fake vaping devices lack the astringent quality measures, safety checks, and production standards which real devices have.

You can get fake disposable devices and fake non-disposable vape devices. Therefore, regardless of whether you are considering a disposable or a non-disposable device, it is essential that you remain vigilant in identifying fake vape devices.

These counterfeit vapes may look like the brand they are intended to resemble, but lack the safety measures the original brand go through. These measures keep user safe from harmful chemicals but can be exploited by unscrupulous manufacturers who value profit over public health.

Engaging in thorough research, purchasing from reputable sellers, and utilizing tools like the vape authenticity check can significantly reduce the risks associated with fake vaping products.

How to Spot a Fake Vape Device and do the vape Authenticity check

Spotting a fake vape device is simpler when you use the UK government’s growing database of reputable vape devices.

Performing a Vape Authenticity Check

To perform a vape authenticity check, simply head to the MHRA website and enter the details of the vape device you are considering purchasing. The details ought to return information through the online database. You may also be able to enter the details on the manufacturer’s website, if it is an authentic product.

 If there is no match, then the vape device might not meet regulations and UK product safety standards.

Spotting Fake Vape Devices

Here are our top tips for spotting a vape device to avoid:

  • Check the Details –

Look at the label as your primary source of information. The lettering should be clear, not blurred, without any bleed over the images. Colours should be vivid and bright. There should be clear sell by dates on the packaging. It should tell you what is in the vape juice.

  • Branding is a Big Clue –

Brands who imitate well-known counterparts often change small details in the logo or artwork.

  • Be Wary of Social Media Ads –

Clicking on third-party sites through your social media feed can bring you to websites selling cheap vape devices. Often these are illegally imported and may harm your health.

  • Read Health Warnings –

London Fire Brigade recommend you look for safety symbols and warnings on any vape device that you buy to avoid the possibility of fire. You can learn more about vape device battery safety on the Vape Direct blog.

Follow these safety tips when choosing a new vape device and you will know which vape devices to avoid.

Where to Buy Reliable Vape Devices in England and Wales?

Don’t let the fraudsters catch you out. When you pay for a vape device or disposable vape, you expect a quality product. Instead of picking your vape devices up at the local market, head online and shop from a quality supplier with network connections built over years. Shop for vape devices, vape liquids, and disposable vapes, all through Vape Direct. We can bring you great deals like 10 for £45 on disposables along with a guarantee that you that you won’t get duped.

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