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Illegal Vape Pens Leave a Nasty Taste in the Mouth Illegal Vape Pens Leave a Nasty Taste in the Mouth > Illegal Vape Pens Leave a Nasty Taste in the Mouth

Illegal Vape Pens Leave a Nasty Taste in the Mouth

Quality products are always better, but in the world of vaping, they’re safer, too.

In a stunning turn of events that has left the vape world reeling, the UK Government’s Trading Standards team have made a startling discovery. From Gloucestershire to Aberdeen, they have seized countless counterfeit, fake, and substandard e-cigarette devices which are a threat to public safety.

Vaping devices are scientifically 95% less harmful to the user than smoking cigarettes, but this statistic assumes the device has gone through the rigorous safety inspections that come with product sold in the UK. Each Vape Pen needs to meet checks and criteria set out by executives in the UK. If they fail to meet those standards, the manufacturer is breaking the law.

Trading Standards Uncover a Seedy Underworld to Vape Device Suppliers

Trading Standards in England and Wales estimate they seized £200k in disposable vape pens. The disposable model has become popular in the last few months, despite global resistance from the environmentalists, who urge manufacturers to steer away from single use plastics. Newcastle raids by Trading Standards, the government agency responsible for monitoring product standards here in the UK, revealed over 70 retailers who were either knowingly or unwittingly selling these fake goods.

This is not the only incident where officers have uncovered illegal vape kits. In Aberdeen, a local convenience store was raided by the same organisation. The Scottish government recently wrote to all retailers urging them to review their vape devices. Those who are still non-compliant face hefty fines and damage to their reputation.

Meanwhile, in Gloucestershire, the County Council report 1,500 devices being illegally sold in shops in Cheltenham and Cirencester. This is happening up and down the country.

The UK Government’s Rules on Vaping and Vape Devices

In the UK, vaping devices which users throw away after one use, should only hold a maximum of 2ml of liquid. There are plenty of other rules, such as informing the MHRA offices that you are selling vape devices.

In the wake of Britain leaving Europe, we were no longer subject to the same laws as we had been before. The UK Gov set up new guidelines to monitor the strength, standards, and sale of these products. The government set up the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations and The Tobacco Products and Nicotine Inhaling Products rules[i].

These include:

  • No disposable tank having more than that 2 ml limit
  • No more than 20 mg nicotine strength
  • Regulated warning labels
  • Child-proof packaging
  • No excessively harmful ingredients
  • All manufacturers must write to the MHRA to tell them of their intention to produce vape pens or vape juices, or any other vape related products.

Why Illegal Devices are Dangerous?

The Trading Standards agency report that the excess strength or volume of vape juice carries a fire risk. Tanks are commonly larger than that 2 ml, meaning the product heats more liquid for longer. There is a risk that the tank may carry more liquid than the power supply handles.

Fake vape products can hold more than 20mg of nicotine and this can cause health problems. Again, those harmful ingredients and toxins could be included in unregulated vape juices. You don’t really know what you are breathing in. Even the labels that list the ingredients are unregulated, so you don’t know if that’s what they contain or not. Products are often unlicensed and sold to those under age. In England and Wales, you must be over the age of 18 to smoke or vape.

Products sold illegally could contain the banned ingredient Diacetyl. This was taken off the shelves back in 2016 after initial health concerns were related to it. The products we know and love here in the UK go through stringent safety checks. They all meet the same high standard. They are only available in 2 ml in disposable vape pens, which should have no more than 20 mg nicotine strength.

Lastly, vape juice bottles sold in the UK should have no more than 20 ml of fluid in them. You do get bottles larger than this, but these bottles must be nicotine free. You cannot get bottles of vape juice larger than 20 ml maximum size in England and Wales Legally. If you have picked a 50 ml bottle up at the shop in town and it has anything other than 0mg nicotine contents, they are selling illegal goods.

Where to Buy Safe Vaping Devices in England?

We operate a fully compliant, insured, and certified vape shop in Milton Keynes. However, we supply our first class vape products and e-cig juices to the rest of the UK through our online shop. Buying from Vape Direct means you are assured of a high-quality, regulated, fully-tested product, every time you shop. Juices are tested, devices are compliant, and you don’t have to worry about products being confiscated or injuring you.

We supply a full range of vape products, including starter kits, new coils, replacement chargers, and replacement tanks. Better than our range is the advice you can get through shopping with us. Our specialist technicians have plenty of experience in dealing with any queries a customer may have. They can guide you swiftly and safely through the vape device selection process and ensure your experience is always secure, right form the very first puff.

What to do if you Buy Illegal Vape Juices/Vape Devices?

If you come across vape devices, kits, chargers, tanks, coils, or vape juices that you suspect to be counterfeit, do not use the. It is a matter of your safety. There’s no guarantee a product that has bypassed routine safety inspections won’t blow up on you. Juices could be toxic, unhealthy, or clog up your device. Stop using them at once.

If you buy a product from a local store and suspect that the product does not comply with safety standards, you can and should report the purchase to the Trading Standards Agency. You can see this article by the Citizens Advice group on how and when to go about this.

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