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Charging your Vape Device Safely

Charging your Vape Device Safely

We touched on battery safety briefly, but let’s review how you charge your device safely with the device’s longevity in mind.

Your vaping device has been designed to be as safe as possible. Even though it is an electronic device, the manufacturers have tested it thoroughly for safety and prolonged use. However, when you don’t comply with the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the safety of the device, you put yourself in jeopardy.

Here is everything you need to know about charging your vape and keeping your device safe.

How do you Charge your Vape Device?

Charging your vape device is a simple task. Your e-cigarette will have a charging cable and port, which connect to a plug and a socket on the other end. The cable, usually a type C, connects to the device and the plug socket. This charges your device. Some vape pens have a specific charging

The charging port on your e-cigarette may be on the bottom of the device. More likely, it will be inside the device and you will need to unscrew or remove the tank to get to it.

You can use your charging cable to charge your device through your computer or another piece of equipment. Not all cables are type C, so check before you order a replacement. Some types of pod vaping devices charge via round battery packs. Others use a standard USB charging cable. If you have a preference, this is something to consider before you buy a starter vape kit.

Can you Leave it Charging Overnight?

You shouldn’t leave any of your electronics to charge overnight. The likelihood that something goes wrong may be small, but you have a better chance of dealing with it if you are awake than if you are sleeping. Unplug your chargers before bed. How else would you know your hair straighteners were switched off?

Charging your vape pen overnight isn’t inherently dangerous. The device will have a failsafe that stops it overheating or overcharging. What will happen, is that your device will use a steady trickle of electricity to stay at 100%. While this is minimal on your electricity bill, it’s not good for the battery. Much like the battery in a mobile phone, vaping devices use lithium ion. These battery types will eventually decrease in efficacy over time. They are good for a limited number of charges. When you charge overnight, you hit that target faster.

If you constantly must replace batteries on devices and you frequently leave them on charge overnight, unplugging will save you some money.

How long can I leave my E-Cigarette in the Charger for?

When you first purchase your vape, you should charge it until it is full. This can take up to 8 hours, depending on the device. After that initial charge, the time you need to leave it charging for will be lower. WE do not recommend you leave it in the charger and go to sleep or leave the house. With that caution in mind, manufacturers maintain that e-cigarettes are safe to leave in the charger for extended periods.

Note: if your device is getting warm in the charger, bring it into our Milton Keynes or Stacey Bushes stores so we can advise you, or buy a replacement battery.

Dos and Don’ts of Vape Charging

When it comes to charging your vape device, Do:

  • Monitor how long you charge it for
  • Replace the battery if it runs down too quickly
  • Replace any parts with manufacturer approved replacements
  • Only use the correct charger assigned to your device

And Don’t:

  • Leave you e-cigarette in the charger indefinitely
  • Leave your vape charger plugged in when it’s not in use
  • Keep your charger anywhere near water or spillage areas
  • Use another device’s charger to charge your vape pen

Voltage Vs Wattage?

While the voltage of your device measures the speed of the electricity traveling around the circuit, the wattage is the sum of the volts plus the amps. The watt, therefore, is the rate of power flow in your vape device, while the voltage is the amount of power it uses to give you that output.

Should I buy a spare battery for my vape?

You have the option to buy a spare battery with your vape device if you wish. However, batteries that you stash in a drawer and forget about might not be as effective as a newly purchased one. Our advice is that you order a spare battery for your vape device if you suspect you are beginning to lose battery life. Otherwise, hold off on buying a new one until you need to.

How do you know when the vape device battery needs replaced?

If you are a light vape user, you should expect a fully charged battery to last you far longer than 24 hours. If you are a heavy vape user, you should expect to charge your device every day. If you find you suddenly need to charge your vape device after every use, you may need to replace it.

A full vape device battery lasts up to 150 puffs on the highest setting, depending on your device. If your e-cigarette starts to run out of battery before the limit specified by the manufacturer, then it’s time to replace the battery.

You should also replace your vape device battery if:

  • It is damaged in any way
  • The plastic wrap has come off it
  • It makes any kind of noise
  • It overheats
  • It displays signs of being faulty in any way
  • It doesn’t hold a charge

What’s mAH on E-Cig Batteries?

You may see a number on your battery that has mAH beside it. This is a unit of measurement. The rechargeable battery has a capacity to recharge at X mAH, which stands for Milliampere per hour.

A battery with a milliampere/hour of 1000 will last ten hours in a device that uses 100 milliampere/hour, and so on. Panasonic have more information on this.


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