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E-Cig Battery Safety: How to Safely Charge and Use your Vape Device | Vape Direct

E-Cig Battery Safety: How to Safely Charge and Use your Vape Device

An E-Cig is an electronic device. To keep it operating to maximum function, you must protect that battery.

No matter which version of vaping device that you go for, you will find that an incorrectly handled battery is dangerous. Each vaping starter kit has been tested for safety before it is sold. Nevertheless, if you do not take proper care of the battery, you are at risk.

Here is all you need to know about E-cig battery safety.

The Lithium Ion Battery

E cigarettes use lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries are rechargeable batteries. They use negative electrodes and convert them into positive during discharge. These positive electrodes are then charged back to negative electrodes when you place them in the charging device.

As with any other battery, you should not tamper with these, and you should not pierce them or burn them. Lithium ion batteries are currently used in everything from electric cars to your laptop or iPhone. They are considered safe and reliable across the board. Nevertheless, you will see the occasional horror story in the news about someone whose vaping device battery exploded. So, let's explain how that might happen.

Lithium Ion Battery Safety: What Not to Do?

If you have recently purchased a device and you are vaping for the first time, here are all the things you shouldn't do to keep your ion battery safe.

1. Never plug your charger in and leave it overnight.

You shouldn't leave your charger unattended when you are charging your vape device. Similarly, you should not plug it in and leave it overnight as this is harmful for your battery and may cause a fire hazard in your home.

2. Never charge your vape device on a soft surface.

When you plug your device into the charger, you should never leave it on the floor or in your bed. There is heat transfer which is caused when electricity is used to recharge your battery and this heat transfer can leak onto soft furnishings, again causing fire.

3. Do not leave a charging device unattended.

This rule is so important that it is worth saying twice. If you are leaving the house, unplug your vape device charger. There are two reasons for this. First you will save yourself electricity and second if something goes wrong during the charging process, you are able to switch the machine off.

4. Continuously charging your vape device will damage the lithium ion battery.

This problem has a simple fix. All you must do is unplug the charging port when it is not in use. Remove your device from the charging port when the battery is full. Under low, the battery to empty itself fully before you recharge.

5. Minimise device exposure to weather extremes.

If your vape device gets too hot, then the battery might explode. If it gets too cold, the battery might not work anymore. As it gets wet then you're in danger of electrocution, although most vape vices are waterproof to a certain degree. Keep it safe and dry whenever possible.

6. Use the assigned charger.

Your device product has been tested to work with the charger that it comes with. Using another charger for your vape device could cause issues with the battery.

Follow These Guidelines for Vape Device Battery Safety

If you have followed these guidelines, you should find your vape battery lasts a good long time. Don't forget that you can replace batteries and chargers for your vape kits right here at Vape Direct.
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