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Battery Safety Tips To Stay Safe

There is a small risk that an improperly safe battery can cause an electrical problem. Avoid issues by using these top tips on vape battery care.

Vaping is one of the pleasures of life. Through inhaling a relaxing cloud of vapour, you can enjoy a nicotine rush or blow away some of the day’s troubles. It is 95% less harmful than smoking and the UK government closely regulate it to keep us safe. However, if you are buying black market vaping goods or if you do not take proper care of your battery, you can make your own device unsafe.

Here are the Vape Direct top tips as vaping experts on how you should care for your battery

The Benefits of Vape Device Battery Care

Although our primary goal is to prevent a dangerous vape device, there are other benefits to battery maintenance. If you follow the safety tips below, you will maximise the length of time your battery lasts for. This gets you more for your money and prevents any accidental harm.

As well as being good for your health and your wallet, a well-maintained battery and vape device give you a better vaping experience. A battery that cannot heat the coil gives you the unpleasant sensation of e-liquid travelling up the mouthpiece to your lips.

If you need to replace your battery, here is a list of the best batteries and chargers.

Top Vape Battery Safety Tips

Making sure you stay safe while vaping should be your priority. Following these best practice safety tips should protect your battery, making it last longer, and prevent electrical mishaps. Keep your vape device running smoothly with these tips.

Use the Right Type of Batteries

The best battery that you can buy for your vape device is the one that comes with it, that the manufacturer designed to go with it. When you start to use the wrong battery for your device, you risk either burning out the battery or heating it so much that it physically burns.

Imagine that you have a pod vape kit with a battery strength of 850mAH and a largest outage of 13w – just like this Aspire Minican Plus pod vape kit. Now this kit is capable of sub-ohm vaping, since the coil is only 0.8ohm. Nobody would blame you for adding a sub ohm battery to this device, thinking that it would up the outage. Imagine you teamed it with an Exo battery capable of 4200mAH. There could be a fire, the battery might just refuse to work, or worse, it could explode.

Match your battery to your vape device. Don’t risk yourself.

Keep the Wraps Intact

When you buy any battery from any store, you will notice that they are wrapped in a thin layer of plastic. Usually, this plastic clings directly to the battery and you don’t remove it. This plastic wrapping has a purpose and, when you remove it, the battery becomes more volatile and likely to malfunction.

According to battery manufacturers Greenway, the plastic cover on the battery has more than one purpose. Here are the tasks that your plastic wrapping is performing:

  1. The length of the battery is a negative terminal, without the wrap it can short circuit the positive terminals. This could cause the battery to explode.
  2. The plastic cover of the battery prevents it from coming into contact with other metal surfaces, which can cause sparks and shocks.

So if you notice a battery with a damaged wrapping, do not use it and replace it as soon as you can. Dispose of the battery safely at a nearby recycling station or take it to the battery collection point at your supermarket.

Don’t Use Fake Batteries

Avoid counterfeit battery packs because nobody safety tests the fake models. If you are unsure of which vape or battery pack you need, you can find out which vape to buy in the UK here. Those of you not new to vaping will recall a few months ago, when the UK government cracked down on the distribution of illegal disposable vaping devices. Fake vapes, fake batteries, and fake chargers, handle most of the device explosions that you read about in the news. Trading Standards officials quickly swoop in and confiscate these unregulated devices for a good reason – they might kill you.

Never Leave a Battery Alone to Charge

Although this is good common sense, it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves that we should always keep an eye on charging batteries. Unattended batteries can explode on you – but a battery rarely explodes without giving warning, first. A battery needs to heat beyond a safe temperature, and you can see them smoking as they do this. They might sputter or fizz, or you could notice a sound that shows a malfunction. If you are not in the room, you cannot spot these warning signs.

Too many of us are guilty of leaving a battery to charge overnight. Anyone who has ever woken up to the roasting hot bedsheets of a device left to charge on soft furnishings can warn you that this is a bad idea. The UK has an average of 19,300 accidental domestic fires due to electricity every year.

Replace Old and Worn Out Battery Packs

You should replace old battery packs before they present a risk of damage. Vape batteries last anything between 300 and 500 charges. This means that the length of time your battery lasts for will depend on how often you use your vape device. Those who vape only at weekends will require a new battery every year or so, while those who vape every day might need a new battery within six months.

If you charged your battery every day and it took 500 recharges, it could last up to 16 months.

Don’t Expose Your Battery to Temperature Extremes

Avoid extreme temperatures when dealing with vape pen batteries. According to Riello, a high temperature in the room means your battery works far faster. The chemical reaction takes place at a quicker rate, which leaves you with a warmer device. This can lead to corrosion and water loss in the battery, damaging it over time.

In the other extreme, batteries can freeze if they get too cold. Much like how a car battery is more likely to die in the winter, your rechargeable battery can suffer the same fate. Low temperatures thicken up the electrolyte solutions inside the battery, thus making it work harder to perform the same tasks. You might find battery failures in cold weather.

Don’t Drain Your Batteries Too Often

When you over-drain your batteries, you cause damage to the components. Over-draining means allowing the battery to reduce below 1% every time you use it. The belief that we should fully drain our batteries comes from the old nickel batteries that we used to use. These did last longer if we fully drained them. With lithium-ion, though, the opposite is true. The battery life extends when you recharge it often. A nickel battery operated with something known as the memory effect. The memory effect notoriously allowed the batteries to ‘remember’ where and when they were most often charged at. If you often charged your battery when it hit 80%, the battery would begin to run thinking it only had 20% capacity. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

The battery memory effect is a fascinating area of science which resulted from bad charger designs. It was this problem that led to the development of newer, better batteries. Lithium ion has its own problems, yes, but at least it doesn’t remember your failings.

Don’t Use Fake Chargers

We should finish by reiterating all of the above advice but aiming it at your chargers. Don’t use fake chargers because they haven’t been through safety testing. They can explode or start a fire if you leave them unattended. They may fry the insides of your vape device, costing you more money.

If you must replace your charge, buy the charger that teams with your device. If you cannot get an original then make sure that the output on the new charger you buy is the same as the output on the one you are replacing. Certainly don’t buy a counterfeit charger. You can read more about charging your device safely here.

Bonus Advice: Refresh Your Vape Device Every Two Years Maximum

Before we finish off, let’s talk about how often you should buy a new vape device. The vape kits we sell are made to last, but the batteries will degrade over time. You can buy replacement batteries for your vape device, replacement tanks, coils, and wicks. You could replace your entire vape device one part at a time, over time. However, when you refresh your vape device completely, you get a technology upgrade that makes life easier for you. This is something to think about when you are sick of replacing parts on your older, grubbier model.

If you want to discuss vape devices with us, please pop in to our Milton Keynes store. You can also order online. If you live in the area and order before 3pm, we will even throw in same day delivery, complete free of charge. Here at Vape Direct, we routinely offer deals that will save you a bundle on vape kits, e-liquids, and vape device parts near you.

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