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Which Vape to Buy in the UK?

Looking for the best vape starter kit or the best vape juice for you? Let our experts help.

Getting started in the vaping world can be difficult when you don't know what you're looking for. All non-vapers know about vaping, is that it smells good and that you inhale it. It is better for you than smoking and it comes with more choices in fruity goodness.

The beginner vaper will need a vaping device and vaping liquid to start themselves off. We reviewed what the best vaping devices are in the UK, as well as what the most popular juices of the moment. Let’s get started with what a vape device is and move forward from there.

What is a Vape Device?

Vaping devices are battery operated machines which fit in the palm of your hand. They are used to heat the vape juice contained in the tank using the heating filament. This liquid produces steam – or vapours – when it is heated. This travels through the mouthpiece to be inhaled into the lungs. The vape juice we inhale usually contains nicotine and comes in different nicotine strengths.

Vape devices come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. They can be any colour or shape. As a general guide, the ones which are bigger and bulkier can produce more vapour. These tend to be sub-ohm devices.

A sub-ohm vaping device is used by vapers who want a direct to lung experience. Smaller e-cigarettes tend to produce a mouth to lung experience. They are heavier duty and produce bigger clouds of smoke. Sub Ohm vape devices have a coil with a resistance factor under 1 ohm. They also have high output batteries.

If you are starting to vape as an ex-smoker, a mouth to lung device is best. If you are a new vaper, try sub-ohm vape devices.

What is the Best Vape to Buy UK?

The best vapes to buy in the UK changes seasonally. At the moment, here are some of the best vapes for sale in the UK.

Smok R-KISS 200W Kit

The SMOK R-Kiss Kit is a compact 200w dual 18650 battery device that is able to push some serious power without taking up too much pocket space. With a clear and easy to reed screen and simple navigation buttons, using the SMOK R-Kiss is familiar and convenient. With a side firing button the mod has a ergonomic feel and a simple squeeze of the hand will fire it.   Coupled with the TFV Mini tank, this device will deliver a fantastic vape experience, great flavor and impressive cloud production. The TFV uses two new coils, the Mini A2 V1 is a large bore coil with a mesh coil, that delivers fast heating and great taste. The Mini A2 V2 has two holes and a cobra mesh to deliver better air flow and dense vapor. The Aspire Vilter

Billed as an excellent vape device for those that want to quit cigarettes, this is a powerful, sleek model that is excellent for a new vaper. This pod kit device aims to hit the back of the throat in the same way that the cigarette used to. It has a compact design that is less bulky and heavy than the Vaperesso. It fills up through the bottom of the tank for seamless refills, and it has a maximum power wattage of 15w. As you can tell, it isn’t as powerful as the above model, though it’s just as cool.

The Smok Nord Series

The Smok series have several types of devices, some of them (like the Smok Nord 4) are pod devices, and some are open pod devices. Open pods are refillable while closed pods are not. This means you can use different vape juices than what is designed to fit into the pod system.

Smok are an instantly recognisable brand, and the Nord series gives you plentiful choices in robust vape devices designed to go the distance. There’s an original Nord, then a series 2 and a series 4. We suspect future upgrades, but for now, either of these three vape devices are a good fit.


What are Popular Vape Juice Flavours?

There are multiple choices in vape juice, but there are a few popular favourites.

Tobacco Flavour Vape Juice

Tobacco flavour is popular among vapers who used to smoke. It contains the same back-of-the-throat hit that you will find in a cigarette. You can choose from mild to high doses of nicotine in your tobacco flavoured vape juice.

Grape Flavoured Vape Juice

Grape has been an outside favourite flavour of vape juice since it was first dreamed up. You can usually find it in a purple bottle with a catchy name.

Tropical Flavoured Vape Juice

There are all sorts of combinations of tropical flavoured vape juice. Some are a blend of fruits, some are pineapple, grapefruit, or citrus. Tropical flavours are popular among experienced vapers.

Candy Flavours

There are plenty of bubble-gum vape juices out there. Other common candy flavoured e-liquids include cotton candy, strawberry cheesecake, and raspberry crush.

Of course, you can shop for any flavour of vape juice you like in our online UK vape store.

What we Recommend for Beginners?

Here is what we recommend for Beginners:

  • Invest in a good quality vape starter kit, like one of the models mentioned above. A vape starter kit has everything you need to start there and then, plus a few spare coils and other extras.
  • Buy more than one vape juice from the outset. You might not like the flavour you first choose, which could put you off vaping for good.
  • If you are an ex-smoker, go for an MTL vape. If you are new to vaping, try something with more power, like the Smok Kits we have to offer.
  • Buy new coils when you buy your vape device – if your vape device upgrades because you have had it for a while, you may not be able to get new parts for it. Not all fittings are universal.
  • Speak to a professional – you can contact us if you need help deciding which vape starter kit is right for you.

First Time Vaping

Our mission is to make your first time vaping experience as enjoyable as possible. Don’t forget to shop for your new vape online in our UK vape shop.

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