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Milton Keynes – Home of - Vape Direct

Milton Keynes – Home of

Famous for more than just roundabouts and concrete cows, Milton Keynes also plays home to one of the UK’s best vape product stores: Vape Direct.

Vape Direct has been the number 1 vape shop in Milton Keynes since all the way back in 2012. We have supported local vape users ever since, stocked thousands of excellent vape products, and even watched the rise and fall of vape device companies. During our time serving the population of Milton Keynes, we have garnered regular clients, helped out the odd celebrity, and helped thousands of people stop smoking. Our vape store is part of the Milton Keynes community.

We thought it was time we gave a little something back to the local legends that we know and love. Here are some of the best local things to see and do in Milton Keynes. We’ll even throw in a few reasons why we are the best vape shop in town.

At Home in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is famous for the sculpture of concrete cows contributed by a Canadian artist named Liz Leyh. They have occupied the Bancroft Park for a while now. It’s also famous for being in the top three towns for having the most roundabouts. Asides from those odd things, Milton Keynes has a supportive sense of community. The people here are fiercely protective of one another and it’s no wonder, since the area turned into a New Town to soak up London overspill back in 1967. Originally intended to house 250,000 people, Milton Keynes quickly grew to become the largest settlement in Buckinghamshire.

The Best Things to See and Do in Milton Keynes

Such a large town couldn’t exist without providing some worthwhile things to see and do. Here are some of our top sites to see for those visiting Milton Keynes this season:

Where to Pick Up Vape Juice, Vape Devices, and Parts in Milton Keynes?

Take advantage of our 24hr tracked delivery vape product service in Milton Keynes. Whether you live here or you are just passing through, you can track your delivery every step of the way. Pop in to see us in our excellent vape store in Neath Hill. Find us at 10 Tower Crescent in the Neath Hill Local Centre. Alternatively, drop into our Stacey Bushes store inside the Stacey Bushes Trading Centre. Both locations offer a fully stocked range of vape devices, replacement parts, and vape juices for your leisure.

What Makes Vape Direct the Number 1 Vape Shop in Buckinghamshire?

We offer multiple deals on vape juice, products, and parts. If you live in Milton Keynes – or even if you are just visiting – we can deliver your order on the same day, if you place it before 3pm. Not only that, but our delivery service is fully trackable. We stock a full range of products, such as Elf Bar, V4Pour, Riot Squad, and Doozy Vape Co. We even give Royal Mail next day delivery on all UK orders over £20 – for free. Buy in bulk to boost the savings. Vaping is better when you do it with vape direct.

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