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Nottingham Council Trading Standards Team Crackdown Finds £8k of Illegal High Strength Vaping Products

Nottingham Council Trading Standards Team Crackdown Finds £8k of Illegal High Strength Vaping Products

In a recent series of raids across the city, Trading Standards agents in Nottingham found products that had up to 5 times the legal limit in nicotine strength.

  • Nottingham Trading Standards enforce 8 raids in 8 locations in the city
  • Agents seized £8,000 worth of illegal vape juices
  • Packaging was bright, colourful, and potentially enticing to children

The UK government has strict regulations on the sale of tobacco products. Since the e-liquids used in vape devices contain nicotine, the UK government closely monitors the percentage of nicotine in each vape juice. Of the e-liquids seized in the Nottingham raids, some contained 10% nicotine, 5 times the legal 2% volume.

The Dangers of Illegal Vape Devices

As the UK economy tightens and the cost of living crisis persists, illegal vape products are set to flood the black market. They are cheaper than store bought devices, but this comes with a price. Illegal vape devices bypass electrical regulations and testing. They are not safe.

Not only is there a risk of electrical fire and/or explosion, illegal e-liquid contains dangerous amounts of nicotine, which can cause poisoning. The contents of e-liquids in the UK are monitored and regulated. Harmful chemicals such as diacetyl and vitamin E acetate which cause lung diseases are not banned in other countries. Undocumented vape juice imported to the UK carries a real risk of respiratory illness.

Illegal E-liquid and Vape Device Use On The Rise

This new series of raids in Nottingham is just one in a long line of raids across the UK. Back in February, residents in West Sussex were warned by Trading Standards officials that an influx of dangerous disposable vape devices had entered the area. In October last year, North Lanarkshire authorities seized illegal vapes which were causing nose bleeds and nausea.

Although the UK government has yet to issue a blanket statement on the matter, the responses have been from county to county. Stirling County Councillor Jim Thomson, representative for Stirling and Clackmannanshire, issued a warning that vapers should remain alert to the risks posed by unsafe vaping products. He pointed to the unsafe levels of nicotine these products contain as a source of concern.

What to do if you find an Illegal Vape Device or E-Liquid?

While local councils have issued warnings to retailers regarding illegal vapes and e-liquids, the onus is on the consumer to know what they are buying. You can read up on the UK government vape device and e-liquid regulations if you want to check the product you are using.

You can report any suspicious findings to your local county council trading standards office. You can find out how to contact them using this link.

How to Prevent Yourself Buying an Illegal Vape Device?

You can stick to one brand of e-cigarette or vaping device to make sure you have a consistent quality of vaping experience. This helps prevent you buying a substitute from a rogue retailer accidentally.

You can buy your vape products from one single place. If you always buy from a reputable supplier, you will have a consistent vaping experience.

You can shop with a reviewed, knowledgeable vape device and e-liquid store. Browse our products here for a vaping experience that is safe, legal, and enjoyable, every time.

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