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UK Government Expected to Tackle Teen Vaping

UK Government Expected to Tackle Teen Vaping

As teen vaping increases for the third year in a row, the UK government are facing public calls to get stricter with the rules.

  • Teen vaping is becoming an issue.
  • Public Health Minister Neil O’ Brien is to give a speech on the matter next month.
  • The British media expect him to call for an inquiry.
  • Speculation is that the fruity disposable vapes may end up banned.

Last week, in the House of Commons, Dominic Raab faced harsh questions about the youth vaping issue. He reported then that the Department of Health and Social Care was ‘exploring’ new ways to tackle youth vaping.

Calls for a Ban on Fruity Flavours Don’t Make Sense?

ITV News reported that they think the government will ban fruity vape flavours as a result. We expect that it is likelier the government will change the packaging to come into line with current tobacco product packaging. Evidence of this can be found in the way the UK government blends vaping regulations into the tobacco product laws, even while classifying a vape device as a medical device. This is because they still want to encourage adults to use vape devices to quit smoking while still deterring children. Other potential punishment for fruity coloured packaging could include a higher rate of taxon vapes, similar to what we pay for cigarettes.

If there is a ban on vaping product marketing, we expect it would be the candy, cake, and dessert flavours which would go first. In particular, disposable vape products are the ones causing the biggest litter problem. It would make sense to ban these, removing the affordable price from children’s reach. But again, this is all just speculation.

Until we hear what the Department of Health and Social Care and Dominic Raab have to say about the products next month. An inquiry would mean a lengthy government investigation which probably won’t see official results for another year or two.

In the Meantime…

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