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The UK Will Be Smoke-Free by 2030 – But New Plans Unveiled Reveal Vape Use as a Key Tool for Quitting

Sajid Khan’s new health report aims to make smoking obsolete by 2030. Unlike its predecessors, it includes vape devices as key tools for quitting.

The report by then health secretary Khan says that the aim is to have less than 5% smokers in the UK by 2030. The current percentage of smokers in the UK is 13.3% of adults. Compared to global surveys which say only 8% of teens are picking up vaping, it really could be the end for tobacco product manufacturers here in the UK.

The plan to make smoking obsolete aims to extend healthy life expectancy by 5 years among UK adults. Unfortunately, the report found that England would miss this target by 7 years at its current rate. It found that hitting the smoke-free target by 2030 would mean a 40% acceleration in the decline of smoking.

Government Recommendations to Accelerate Decrease in Smoking

Khan made several recommendations to the government to tackle the smoking epidemic. The main concern for us is what he had to say about vaping. Khan listed vaping as one of the key factors to tackle smoking. He said “I am also asking the government to accelerate the path to prescribed vapes and provide free Swap to Stop packs in deprived communities. Alongside this they should do everything they possibly can to prevent children and young people from vaping, including by banning child friendly packaging and descriptions.”

You can view the full report here for more information.

Quit Smoking Today

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