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Vaping Industry News As Clickbait

Vaping Industry News As Clickbait

Sensationalized headlines and half-truth stories are causing disruptions in the amount of harm reduction vapes can do for smokers.

We have been banging the drum about sensationalist media reports regarding vaping for some time now. We had no idea that American vape suppliers were having a similar problem until we came across this article by the Vaping Harm Reduction News. This organisation supports harm reduction through helping smokers quit using vapes and other supplements. The article itself points to cases of journalism which are spreading harmful information based on their desire to garner clicks.

Is Sensationalist Vape News Just Click Bait?

Which raises a good question. Newspapers which are printing these headlines make most of their profit from the Baby Boomer generation and older. The modern adult uses online sources to get their news. Admittedly, some of those newspapers are now online, too.

Click bait, on the other hand, is a headline which grabs the attention, draws the reader in with a promised sensational story, and then lets you down either through misinformation or misleading reporting.

While previously the consensus was that the older generations were the ones worried about the overplayed vaping epidemic, this can’t be so for click bait articles. A large portion of Boomers still are not comfortable on the internet. So no, these articles are not aimed at them. By and large, these articles are aimed at young parents and use scaremongering tactics to spread fear through misinformation. The parents, most being older millennials, react badly to the articles.

We have a particular problem in the UK where tabloids will use cases in America to prove that vaping in the UK is awful, even though we have banned many of the harmful chemicals causing these diseases. For example, if you get popcorn lung from vaping in the UK, it is because your vape supplier has sold you illegally imported goods.

Why is Fake Vape News So Bad?

Fake vape news is spreading worries among smokers that could potentially otherwise decide to quit. This means they continue to smoke cigarettes truly believing that vape devices cannot be trusted. There is also a taboo factor. The more the press villainises vape use, the more likely our teenagers are to do it. In true teen fashion, telling them not to do something is like reverse psychology.

Vaping studies in the UK, alongside the backing of agencies like the UK government, the NHS, ASH, and Cancer Research UK, have all named vaping as far less harmful than cigarette smoking. If we want to keep people out of harm, then villainising vaping has the opposite effect. It is high time media outlets swapped the click bait for factual articles and genuine studies.

Where to Get Vape News that isn’t Click Bait?

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