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JUUL Sued for Encouraging Teens to Vape in the US

JUUL Sued for Encouraging Teens to Vape in the US

In an astonishing move, 6 US states sue the makers of JUUL e-cigarettes. The cause? The marketing was aimed at teenagers.

The court case has been upcoming for a while now. The USA first banned JUUL e-cigarettes in June 2022. Since then, their lawyers have pursued a case against one of the world’s most popular e-cigarette suppliers. In America, JUUL are the fourth biggest seller of pod vape kits.

In June 2022 the FDA banned all fruity, mint, and juice flavoured vape juices. Other brands such as Vuse, Logic, and NJOY, failed to win approval from the FDA. JUUL still managed to produce tobacco flavoured vape juices which helped smokers quit.

Company Settlements Hit One Billion Dollars

Recent news is that 6 US states have sought settlements. The evidence given suggested that the brightly coloured packaging, the use of young people in the ads, and the fruity flavours were all encouraging teens to smoke.

The New York Attorney General praised the move, even going as far as branding the company as liars. This new settlement pushes fines paid by the multinational vape brand over a billion dollars, with no real end in sight.

A Committed Response

JUUL representatives stated that they were not admitting guilt but that they were willing to correct their past. The vape firm maintain that they have not, do not, and will not market their products at children. The vape company did say that they reviewed their entire marketing policy. They admitted doing so after data revealed that teens were buying the products. In their recent case, JUUL revealed that this figure is down by 95%.

According to media source Reuters, JUUL has now sued the FDA for refusing to provide supposed evidence against them. They claim the FDA ban was unfair. From a spectator’s point of view it does seem as though authorities in the US are blaming a large, well-known vape brand for their own initial failure to appropriately police the sale of vapes to teens.

Those interested in pursuing the case can search for JUUL Labs Inc Vs FDA, District of Columbia.

Can you still buy JUUL in the UK?

You can still buy disposable vapes and JUUL products here in the UK. There is nothing worrisome about JUUL products in the UK, since they all must conform to UK wide regulations. You can browse for vape pod kits, vape starter kits, and juices in the Vape Direct online vape shop. And if you are seeking a JUUL alternative to be on the safe side, we have got your back.


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