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Cancer Research & Vaping in the UK Cancer Research & Vaping in the UK > Cancer Research & Vaping in the UK

Cancer Research & Vaping in the UK

Cancer Research UK offer continuous research into e-cigarettes. This research aims to discover exactly how dangerous vaping could be after long term use.

The organisation have advised smokers to make the switch, further backing government gathered evidence which suggests vaping is far less harmful than cigarettes.

Cancer Research have been a known supporter of vaping for years now. Since 2021, they have been urging cigarette smokers to make the switch to e-cigarettes and vaping devices.

Vaping IS Less Harmful than smoking say Cancer Research UK

In a previous news announcement, the charity announced that around 12,000 people search Google to find out whether or not vaping is safe each month in the UK. By their own admission, they respond that vaping is much less harmful than smoking. Despite this, UK media and news outlets vilify vaping and condemn it to be just as harmful as smoking. When the UK’s leading cancer charity is saying otherwise, it might be time that news outlets began to listen to the facts and not the scare stories.

Following on from this news article, the charity have continued to conduct their own research while simultaneously urging smokers towards vape devices, instead.

Recent Updates from Cancer Research UK

CRUK have recently spent extra funding to support ongoing research into the longer term effects of vaping. One thing is for sure though, and that is their stance on e-cigarettes. CRUK support the use of vape devices as a less harmful alternative to smoking. They do not say that vaping is without harm, and that more research into long term effects would help us understand the exact implications. However, if you smoke cigarettes you will eventually end up in hospital or dying from them. Is taking a chance with an unknown vape kit worse than that? We don’t think so.

Making the Switch to Vaping

If you are a smoker trying to quit, you can make the switch to full time vape use instead of running the risk of COPD and cancer. We sell pod kits which are ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping, which is the same style of ‘smoking’ that a cigarette smoker would use. Once you are an experienced vape device user, you might move on to stronger vapes.

We have several articles to help you understand which strength of vape juice you need, what your first week of vaping will look like, and how to guides focused on the beginner. Make the switch today by choosing a vape juice flavour that works for you, or try a disposable device first, which should help you decide on flavours.

Lastly, call Vape Direct for advice if you need it. We are here to listen to customers from Birmingham, Milton Keynes, and the rest of the UK.


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