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6 Ways To Choose The Best Vape Kit 6 Ways To Choose The Best Vape Kit > 6 Ways To Choose The Best Vape Kit

6 Ways To Choose The Best Vape Kit

Whether you are new to vaping or are replacing an old vape kit, there are no set rules on what will work best for you. Try these 6 techniques to narrow down your choice in vapes so you can pick a kit your love.

Knowing where to start in the world of vaping is like guessing which end of the swimming pool is the deep one. You can jump in anywhere, but anything could happen. Too much nicotine, too strong a vape device, or too much of the wrong flavour, and it could all go south for you.  Vaping can offer a relaxing way to chill out and relax. It lets you taste flavours your sweet tooth would otherwise digest. But how do you know where to start?

The 6 Best Ways to Choose the right Vape Kit For You

Before you rush to the shop completely unarmed and ready to buy something you don’t want, read this article, and browse online. Go in there knowing what you like, and dislike and you should get a vape you love. Remember to stop into our Milton Keynes or Buckingham stores for the best vape service.

1 – Choose by Vape Kit Design

There are many different styles of vape kit out there to suit every type of person. You can have a sleek and slender vape kit. These look more like long, thick pens that vape devices. These are the vape devices you would have no trouble calling an electronic cigarette. They are the smart, sophisticated devices of the vape world.

Alternatively, you might choose a large and bulky device instead. These produce more vapour because they have bigger battery packs. If you want a design that is sturdier than the delicate smaller models, then these will do the job. They are capable of sub ohm vaping, meaning they use less electricity to heat the coil. You get more out of the flavour profiles of your vape juice when you use less heat.

And after all of that? You still have colour to think about.

If you choose your new vape kit by design, you can browse our products to give you inspiration. Find your new vape kits products here.

2 – Choose based on Vapour Quality

As mentioned, vapour quality is a real deciding factor in choosing your next vape device. Do you want a device that helps wean you off cigarettes or do you want a device that gives you maximum vape clouds with huge flavour? Do you want a vape that does both? Here’s what you should know.

Sub ohm produces large clouds of cooler steam. This steam goes straight to your lungs without stopping in your mouth. It doesn’t hit your throat like smoking does. You can mediate this by using a harsher flavour or higher nicotine hit than you had through cigarettes. Otherwise, it just won’t feel the same.

If you choose a regular vape device like a pod kit or a standard strength battery vape device kit, the vapour goes into your mouth first, where you then let it hit your throat. There is less of a cloud of vapour, but there is more of a throat hit. Ex-smokers tend to prefer pod kits because of this.

3 – Pick your Vape Kit based on Battery Life

The power of the battery of the vape device you use affects the strength of the vapour clouds. This is because a stronger battery gives more power to your coil. On the other hand, a standard battery size is all a pod device needs. Generally, battery strength goes like this:

  • A standard battery suits an e-cigarette or pen. These devices sit around 550mAh. As devices gain power, they are moving up towards 1100mAh.
  • A mod device currently uses a battery around 1800mAh.
  • An advanced or mech mod battery currently uses 2500mAh.

4 – How Portable is it?

One key factor people look at when choosing a vape device is how portable that device is. The e-cigarettes or vape pens are incredibly lightweight and easy to take with you. On the other hand, advanced mod tanks are bulky and unseemly. If you are wearing a suit or a tight jacket, you don’t want this bulky device messing up your fit. A slender device is more presentable but won’t give the same hit. We say you can never have too many vape devices. Why not have a smart one and a daily use device?

5 – Choose a Vape Brand who’s Flavours You Love

The quality of flavour that your new vape device produces should be a deciding factor when it comes to shopping. You can choose a brand of vape device who also create their own vape juices if you want a complimentary product. This will increase smoothness and should bring the best flavours out.

Alternatively, you can choose a vape device based on how much vapour you produce. If huge clouds and blinding mists are what you like, then you need a sub ohm device. These devices are DTL, meaning the vapour goes straight to your lungs. You hold it there, breathe it out, and get the most taste on the exhale. You can see this article to find out Which Vape to Buy in the UK.

6 – Choosing a Durable Vape Device

Durability should be a primary concern for anyone in the UK shopping for vape devices. The harder it is to break, the longer it will last for. Better yet, the less that tank will leak over time. You can check online reviews of different vape device kits to find one that tests high for durability. Make sure you buy from a reputable UK vape shop if you are buying for durability. Goods bought or brought into the UK illegally can be dangerous and don’t have the longevity you are looking for.

Our advice here is to shop with a recognised brand. Those brands who have been around the longest are those who devote themselves to high quality vape products. You can also brows the vape kits products in our online vape shop to choose from vetted products.

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