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How Do You Know if a Disposable Vape Has Been overfilled.?

How Do You Know if a Disposable Vape Has Been overfilled.?

Are you doing your part to tackle illegally imported vape devices in shops? Here’s the scoop on what to look for when a disposable is overfilled.

With Trading Standards officials now estimating every third disposable vape device in the UK is illegally imported, it’s time that we responsible vape users started reporting bad vapes when we spot them. Illegally imported disposables contain harmful ingredients banned in the UK. These ingredients might include the harmful Diacetyl, associated with lung diseases.

What do you Look for when a disposable has been overfilled?

There are tell tale signs which can tip you off to be alert. Illegal vapes are commonly sold in corner shops and local stores. The first thing you should look at is the packaging and naming of the products on offer. Are the letters correct? Is the logo or colour correct for the brand? Pay attention to the branding materials, are they paper print outs or are they official branding, given out by the brand when you sign up to become a retailer? 

If you see any vape seller selling devices to children under the age of 18, you should report them immediately.

The UK Government Regulations on Disposable Vapes

The UK government caps the volume of e-liquid inside a disposable vape device at 2ml. They limit the strength of the nicotine at 20mg per 100ml, meaning that there can be no more than 2% nicotine in a legal disposable vape. The government limit nicotine containing e-liquids to 10ml bottle sizes.

  • Nicotine e-liquids are limited to 10ml bottles.
  • Disposable vapes should hold 2ml – equal to a 600 puff limit.
  • Vapes should be no stronger than 20mg nicotine content.
  • Tank size should not hold more than 2ml.
  • Should not contain caffeine or taurine.

If you spot any of these rules being broken by disposable vapes in your local stores, they are likely illegally imported. You can report them to prevent these potentially harmful devices from harming UK vapers. Report the items and the shop through this link from Citizens Advice.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are one or two companies in the UK who are using innovative technology and multiple tank systems to produce extensive improvements in vape design. As the tech improves, so does the puff capacity of the device. These devices are legally compliant, cost more, and produce more puffs. A good example of this are the tech innovators at Happy Vibes. These have a multi-tank, pod-refill system. This makes them longer lasting, refillable, and yet still disposables.

Frequently Asked Questions about Illegal disposable Vapes.

Now that you know what to look for in a disposable vape device, we can answer some common questions which come up in relation to the subject. Remember, if you have any further questions you can browse our vape room and news pages for help, or you can visit us in-store in either Milton Keynes or Buckingham.

Overfull Vape FAQs

Q) Is a 5% vape legal in the UK?

  1. A) Any vape product with greater than 2% nicotine content is illegal in the UK.


Q) Is 7000 puffs illegal in the UK?

  1. A) Since the UK government limits the size of vape tanks in all vape devices to 2ml, and since 2ml produces around 600 puffs, 7000 is far higher than the legal limit. If you spot a 7,000 puff vape device, you should research whether or not the device uses high end technology to improve puff capacity. If not, then it’s time to report them.


Q) Are Elf Bars 600 illegal in the UK?

  1. A) Elfbar vapes are not illegal in the UK. Some flavours had to be removed from shelves due to an overfilling issue. As a result, supermarkets chose to remove them from their shelves. You can buy Elfbar vape juice for your refillable vape device here, or browse the selection of Elfbar products on offer through com to restock online.


Q) Are vapes over 600 puffs illegal in the UK?

  1. A) Unless the vape device comes with replacement tanks, 600 puffs is the limit on how much a disposable tank can hold. Check if the device has more than one tank or comes with a refill. If not, the device with more than 600 puffs could be illegal.
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