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Worrying Results on Random Vapes Confiscated from Baxter College, Kidderminster

Worrying Results on Random Vapes Confiscated from Baxter College, Kidderminster

Increasingly alarming test results showed the presence of heavy metals in some of the vape devices confiscated.

Key Takeaways:

  • 18 vape devices were confiscated from school children in the college.
  • The vapes were examined courtesy of the Inter Scientific Laboratory in Liverpool.
  • Almost all vapes seized were illegal imports.
  • Vapes contained illegal levels of lead and nickel, as well as chemicals which break down into formaldehyde, are the worst culprits.
  • Lead exposure causes damage to brain development in children.

18 Vape Devices Taken from College Students Contain Lead

An independent lab recently tested 18 vape devices confiscated from students in Baxter College, in Kidderminster. The confiscated vape devices were found to contain double the daily allowed dose of lead exposure, and nine times the advised nickel exposure.

Lead exposure leads to damage to the central nervous system. It affects the brain and puts children at risk of lead poisoning.

None of the chemicals found in these vapes are legal by UK standards. Some were not listed by MHRA, and all entered the country without testing.

These illegal vapes astounded lab workers. The co-founder of the laboratory said that in fifteen years of testing, he had never seen levels as bad as this.

The worst named vape devices were highlighter coloured. These had excessive levels of nickel, lead, and chromium, none of which the modern human should inhale in great quantities.

News and media sources point to the results as evidence that we need tighter regulations on disposable vape sales. We agree, but we suggest that the tighter rulings start with importation.

Legal Vapes Don’t Contain These Illegal Chemicals

The biggest problem here is that illegally imported vape devices do not contain the same regulated, legislated, and monitored chemicals as UK vape devices do. Here in the UK, the government has banned the use of toxic substances like lead and nickel in the preparation of vape liquids. All manufacturers must declare the ingredients in their vape products to MHRA, who can test at random.

Now the vape devices doing irreversible harm to our lungs: those are not coming from within the UK.

How to tell if your vape device is illegal?

If you suspect a supplier in your area is either selling to children, or selling illegally imported vape devices, you should report them through Citizens Advice UK. You can find more information on spotting an illegal vape device through

Tips for spotting an illegal vape seller include:

  • Looking closely at the name on the packs on display. They may be fakes which mimic real brands.
  • Look closely at disposable devices with tanks greater than 2ml, or that give more than 600 puffs from a single tank.
  • Check the brand colours, are they correct?
  • A disposable vape should not be stronger than 2% nicotine, although the strength of that nicotine cannot be more than 20mg/100.
  • Look at the displays: brands will always send display material when you sign up to sell for them. Are the materials home made or are they brand delivered?

If any of these signs are setting off alarm bells for you, it is worth contacting local authorities to investigate. If you see a shop owner sell to a teenager under 18 years of age, however, you can immediately report them.

Remember, you can find responsibly sourced, tested, and legal disposable vapes, refillable vapes, e-liquids and more with Vape Direct.

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