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GeekVape Shows Off New Vaping Products at Dubai World Vape Show GeekVape Shows Off New Vaping Products at Dubai World Vape Show > GeekVape Shows Off New Vaping Products at Dubai World Vape Show

GeekVape Shows Off New Vaping Products at Dubai World Vape Show

The World Vape Show is an annual event held in Dubai. Traders, creators, and vape manufacturers, all come together to showcase the best of their products for the coming year. The more advanced vaping tech becomes, the bigger, better, and more powerful these displays become. This year though, none could outshine GeekVape and their spectacular new products, powered by VPU technology.

What is the World Vape Show?

Set inside the Dubai Trade centre, the show fell between the 21-23 June 2023. The World Vape Show is the largest gathering of its kind, anywhere in the world. There are regularly more than a hundred exhibitors and over 2,000 contributors to the event. This year GeekVape techies were out in force, with a startling display featuring brand colours and eye-catching new tech.

Who are GeekVape?

If you’re not already familiar with GeekVape, then you will be surprised to learn that they are one of the leaders in vaping innovations in the current vape market. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, GeekVape spend their time researching new technologies which will improve the quality of vaping across the world. Founded in 2015, they see themselves as much as a technology company as they do a manufacturer in e-cigarettes and vape devices.

Here at we have been proud suppliers of GeekVape products since the early days. They launched in 2015, meaning this high-end vaping device manufacturer has been in business for approaching a decade.

GeekVape products which display their technical innovations include the following:

With the Aegis Series one of the most durable series of vape kits on the market, and available across the mod, vape, pod, and mini versions, GeekVape products are industry-renowned for longevity, perhaps due to the zinc-alloy finish which is water, dust, and rust resistant. On top of product innovations such as the 5-60w DTL inhalation performance power of the Boost 2, GeekVape are the collaborators behind the Geek Lab Project. There, they pile thousands of dollars into research and development each year.

The GeekVape goal? To make vaping safer, more enjoyable, and better for everyone.

VPU Vaping Tech from GeekVape

With a following of 30 million consumers and counting, GeekVape aim to bring a healthier vaping experience to the public. The new products behind the scenes of this epic vape manufacturer’s includes serious upgrades to the VPU – the Vape Processing Unit. Rather like a computer, they use these units to monitor performance, battery status, functions, and temperature.

GeekVape announced two new products up and coming at the World Vape show. These masters in vape tech are introducing a new addition to the Aegis series – the Aegis Hero Classic. The second addiction is the Wenax Q, a pod kit aimed at new vape users, which seeks to tackle the growing problem of disposable vape products harming the environment. The Aegis Hero Classic will combine the best features of the Aegis range, this time adding lighter, portable, and easier on the eye.

We will keep you updated as more emerges on these future classics.

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