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Vaporesso Introduce The Vaporesso COSS and Vaporesso Eco Vaporesso Introduce The Vaporesso COSS and Vaporesso Eco > Vaporesso Introduce The Vaporesso COSS and Vaporesso Eco

Vaporesso Introduce The Vaporesso COSS and Vaporesso Eco

At the World Vape Show, held in the Dubai World Trade Centre, two big brands were out in force. While GeekVape focuses on improving their Vape Processing Units, Vaporesso are making smaller, better, and tougher vapes. Two new vapes that are up and coming (and right on brand) are the Vaporesso Eco and the Vaporesso COSS.

Jimmy Hu, the Vaporesso VP, said that the new models of vape device were “revolutionary products” that focused on both being user-friendly and eco-friendly.

Who Are Vaporesso?

Vaporesso are a world renowned vape company who established themselves back in 2015, during the early days of vaping. The company ethos focuses on raising the quality of life for smokers by converting them to vaping, which is 95% less harmful. Vaporesso set up the first ever medical grade vaping laboratory in the UK. They have an automatic production line and have created 14 industrial area parks covering over 550,000 square meters since running the innovative ecological project. Vaporesso are the daughter company of Smoore, a US brand who were the first publicly listed vape device manufacturer in their country.

The Two Announced Vaporesso Models

The Vaporesso COSS and the Eco are the two new models we have to look forward to. Vaporesso are a huge brand, well-known in the industry. When they make a move with new products, the rest of the world pays attention. Here is what they told us about the two new models at the World Vape show, 2023.

The Vaporesso COSS

The company are billing the COSS as the answer to the pet peeves we may have about past devices. COSS stands for Convenient Operating Smart Supplying. It will be smaller than past models like the Aegis series but contain bigger battery power. It sports an intuitive vape stick, a vacuum seal against leaks, and both auto refill and auto charge capabilities.

The Vaporesso Eco

The Vaporesso Eco is the company’s answer to an eco-friendly vape device. The Eco has been tailored for efficiency and economical use of vape liquids. It is cost-efficient, comes with less metal use, has a large capacity with a lightweight feel, and the leather paper packaging is reusable. The company ascertain that it will run for around 60% less of the cost per day than standard vape devices. 

Vaporesso Products from

The team at Vaporesso create more products than you think they do. As well as the known products like the Gen 200 vape kit, the Vaporesso Luxe XR and the GEN PT80 S, they also create vape devices which don’t carry that popular Vaporesso label. The Xros Mini kit series allow for a smaller alternative to the sub ohm. They even have a mod kit so you can put together a Vaporesso of your own – and let’s not leave out the Swag 2 – the coolest vape device on the market.

And if you can’t find the Vaporesso vape kit that’s right for you, we have plenty of other brands for you to get to know. Check in with our online vape shop regularly to stay ahead of the latest vape news and releases.

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