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UKVIA Creates ‘Greenprint’ for Sustainable Vaping

UKVIA Creates ‘Greenprint’ for Sustainable Vaping

In March 2023 the UK Vaping Industry Association held a summit on sustainable vaping. The virtual conference saw those involved in law setting, representatives from the government and local authorities, industry experts and others come together to discuss viable pathways into a greener world for vape users.

This marks a turning point in the industry, where manufacturers and those affected by the impact of disposable vape waste in the UK could come together and create solutions. The summit took place in March, with tech brand FEELM giving talks at the online summit. They emphasized how essential a firm grasp on recycling will become.

The meeting took three hours, focusing on the need for compliance, teamwork, and changes in the law to evolve the vaping industry into a more sustainable model. The general consensus at the meeting’s end was that this group of experts would put together a strategy to tackle vape waste in the coming months.

The Greenprint for sustainable Vaping

After in-depth research and discussion with representatives from both the vaping sector and the other main stakeholders in the debate, the UKVIA suggests the following tactics.

Seller Responsibilities

Those selling vapes should follow these rules:

  • POS information reaffirming recycling measures.
  • Staff training to sway buyers towards refillable devices.
  • Used vape collection points similar to battery collection points but placed in vape stores. These should be clear and easy to follow.
  • Offer reasons to recycle.

Consumer Responsibilities

The industry must change to place greater responsibility on the consumer. The suggestions are:

  • Switch our terminology from “disposable vapes” to “recyclable vapes.”
  • App development so vapers can find recycling points easily.
  • Recycling guidance on labels.

Manufacturer’s Responsibilities

There are things that the people who make vape devices can do to change the way we use disposable vapes. They might:

  • Design simpler to recycle bottles.
  • Explore options in developing better sustainable bottles.
  • Set up their own recycle points and services.
  • Research and develop alternatives to lithium ion.

What Needs to Change Within the Industry?

Ultimately the vape packaging and vape device manufacturing industry requires new rules to govern the way we produce packaging. New laws should reward those that recycle, with the suggestion of increasing tank sizes from 2ml to 10ml. This would allow for larger bottle sizes and less plastic use. Final thoughts were that the vape industry must find an elegant balance between being eco-friendly and not putting off ex-smokers who want to quit.

What can you do to discourage disposable vape use?

If you want to do your bit to stop vape waste before the problem gets any worse, then make the switch from disposable vapes to standard vape kits. The Xros 3 mini pod kit will give you a good starting model and it is made by Vaporesso, one of the biggest names in vaping. The Aspire Minican Plus Pod is new to, but already selling fast. The Uwell Caliburn G kit is another firm favourite among vape users newly switched from smoking. You can return to Vape Direct UK any time you need replacement tanks, pods, coils, or vape juice, too.



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