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Innokin are Vaping For The Planet

Innokin are Vaping For The Planet

Innokin, previous winners of the Ecigclick awards 2022, have started a program aimed at sustainable vaping. Here’s what you need to know about the Innokin mission to save the planet.

As the UK deals with a littering crisis featuring vape pens, responsible vape kit manufacturers such as Innokin are sourcing ways to tackle the issue.

Innokin Produce Award Winning Vape Devices

Innokin are a big name in vape devices in the UK. They have a range of products useful for the beginner vape user, which earned them second place in the “best vapes for beginners” category. The team at Innokin won “best pod vape” for the Klypse, “best tank for MTL vaping” for the Zlide, “best pen” for the Endura, and “best RBA” for the Ares 2.

Additionally, the brand won the titles of “biggest breakthrough innovation” at the Golden Leaf Awards and scooped up the “best pod” medal after showcasing new products at the Vapexpo in Spain.

When we say that Innokin are an award-winning brand, there are no exaggerations involved.

The Vaping for the Planet Program

The Vaping for the Planet program launched in April and coincided with Earth Day for a reason. Innokin started in 2011, making them an early manufacturer of vape devices. Ever since their launch, they have tried to use fully sustainable packaging. The team recycle batteries through a company called Recycle 4 U, based in France. They teamed up with One Tree Planted in 2021 to plant 3,650 trees in the Amazon rainforest. They even manufacture their core products to have a longer shelf life than others, simply to stay as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Vape for the Planet program goes hand-in-hand with the One Tree Planted program. An initial donation was aimed at planting new trees, with Innokin then turning their attention to their product line. Both the Innobar and Aquios Bar models of Innokin vape kits are created using 95% less plastic. The aim for the program is to raise awareness while answering consumer needs. Eco-friendly is the way forward. Gen Z and Alpha Gen simply don’t accept anything else.

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Vape Kits for Beginner Users

If you would like a greater range of options in beginner vape devices, then you are in the right place. Milton Keynes’ favourite vape shop can direct you towards similar products in quality to that of the Innokin models. Checkout the SMOK Nord, which has 80W of power, the Vaporesso GTX Go, or the Voopoo Argus G.

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