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New Study Reveals Smokers with Vape Flavour Advice are Likelier to Quit

New Study Reveals Smokers with Vape Flavour Advice are Likelier to Quit

Guidance on vape liquid strength and flavour selection could be the key to understanding how ex-smokers make the switch to vape devices in the UK.

A recent study into the effectiveness of intervention components in smoking found that a 25% of all ex-smokers switching to vape devices who had access to advice on flavour quit smoking altogether in the first three months.

Those smokers who switched to vaping and gained flavour advice but did not fully quit smoking numbered around 13%. This 13% were half as likely to spark up a cigarette once they were introduced to the world of vaping properly.

Speculation over this study could indicate that smokers are likelier to quit and switch to vaping if they have the correct advice. Negative press and scaremongering from the media, of course, does the opposite.

The Study

The study is called Identifying the effectiveness of intervention components in an on-line, randomized optimization experiment. Released in July 2023, the aim of the study was to compare the effectiveness of the e-cig as a stop-smoking device with and without a Multi-phase Optimization Strategy. This strategy gives the ex-smoker guidance on the ins and outs of vape device use. Crucially, it gives the participants information on tailoring e-liquids, flavours, strengths, and SMS support.

The study examined the actions of over 1200 participants, each of whom self-reported. The object was to run the study for four weeks, with some having support and some being given the device alone. E-cigarettes have become the best tool to help ex-smokers quit cigarettes, with around a 35% efficiency rating. This means that 65% of those who do try vaping return to smoking. Of this number, many could have been saved, had it been for the smoker receiving the correct guidance that would help them quit.

Of those who took part in the study, 86% said flavour guidance helped them, while 94% said that nicotine strength information helped them. In short, giving those ex-smokers new to vaping the chance to seek expert advice at the same time as making the switch encourages that switch towards permanence. If we want smokers to turn into vapers, we need to offer them smooth guidance throughout the process.

Where to find information about switching from cigarettes to vaping?

Here at we keep an updated space specifically for those who want to switch to vaping. Our guidance includes a range of how-to articles, including how to find the right flavour or device for you. We guide you through how much it might save you, should you switch from cigarettes how to charge your new device, and believe us – it is not to be sniffed at.

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It’s just that easy to make the switch.

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