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How to Find Your Favourite Disposable Vape Flavours When You Buy Your First Vape Kit?

How to Find Your Favourite Disposable Vape Flavours When You Buy Your First Vape Kit?

Disposable vapes are great but long term, a refillable vape device is both cheaper and better for the environment. Making that initial switch isa big decision. You may be put off a purchase in case you buy the wrong thing, or you might start with a bad choice in juice which sends you back to disposables.

One of the biggest reasons vapers give for not progressing onto the refillable vape kits or pod devices on offer, is that they enjoy the flavour of a certain disposable device. We are creatures of habit, and as soon as we cannot get the right flavour, we give up and go back to disposables again. But what if we told you that you can buy your favourite disposable vape flavours in Nic Salt E-liquid form?

Introducing Bar Juice 5000

Make your transition from disposable vape to reusable device easier with Bar Juice 5000. This blend of flavours are exactly what they sound like – epic Elf Bar flavours which are captured in exact replica of their disposable flavour range.

There are a Variety of Bar Juice Flavours in our Online Vape Shop.

Head to our shop to browse the great flavours of Elf bar but in a refillable vape. Use these flavours in conjunction with the Uwell Caliburn range to enjoy all the fruits of your disposable devices on a refillable vape kit. This is better on your pocket and better on the environment long term.

The flavours are:

Is it Cheaper to Use a Disposable Vape or a Refillable Vape?

If you follow the Vape Room on you will know we love to work out the maths and prove to smokers how much they will save by making the switch. So how much will a disposable vape user save if they make the switch to a reusable vape device?

Average cost of a disposable vape in 2023 = £5.99

Classic Vaporesso Gen Ait 40 kit = £24.99

Average Users vape 1 10ml bottle in 5 days or 1 disposable vape for 5 days.

Example price of vape juice = £3.99

Over 1 month disposables would cost you £35.94.

Refill for vape juice bottles would cost £23.94.

The Results…

Vaping using disposables would cost the average vaper £35.94. Vapers could buy a refillable device for £24.99 + £23.94 for the bottles. Total cost of your first month with a refill kit will be £48.93.

On your second month, vaping using disposables would cost you the same £35.94. However, you would only need to pay for the bottles at £23.94, saving you £12.

By your third month you have saved £24 switching to a refill.

By your fourth you will have saved £36 in switching.

The conclusion therefore is that making the switch to either a pod or a vape kit would save you money longer term, even if it seems like disposables save you money short term.

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