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Vaping Less Harmful than Smoking – Research Updates since the Vesuvius Study

In a recent study run by Dundee University, researchers are uncovering new facts about how vaping affects our bodies. One surprising result is that smokers who switch to vape devices are noticing health improvements in as little as 4 weeks.

The research comes with the familiar warning that vaping is not 100% safe, but it is 95% safer than smoking. Nevertheless, this study, which asks smokers to switch to vapes and report the effects on their body, is providing us with the research we need to accurately advise on the impact of vaping.

What is the Vesuvius Study?

We came across the Vesuvius study after reading an ITV report on the research in 2019. At the time, the study measured the results from interviewing 37 ex-smokers who puffed through 15+ cigarettes per day and switched to a non-nicotine vape liquid, and 37 who switched to a nicotine vape juice. Using medical testing, the team ascertained that both groups showed an average 13% reduced risk of cardiovascular health issues after a one month period. The study caused ripples on its release.

Subsequent Studies which agree with Vesuvius

One year later, a systematic review of all available similar studies to Vesuvius appeared in the 2020 Harm Reduction Journal. The study had impressive results. Across all papers on the subject they examined, the results for smokers who switched to vape devices were the same – a 40% reduction in the occurrence of respiratory conditions such as COPD, usually caused by smoking.

Back in September, the King’s College London department of Psychiatry, Psychology, & Neuroscience, found that vaping products lead to substantial reductions in cancer, lung disease, and cardiovascular diseases, compared to smoking.

Even in America, where e-liquids still contain potentially harmful chemicals which are banned in the UK, studies are showing that vaping could be substantially better for your health. What does all this mean to you? It’s time to quit cigarettes using the most effective tool at your disposal.

Which Vape Device and Vape Juice to Quit Smoking?

If you are an ex-smoker looking to quit, browse through our beginner e-liquids. We recommend sticking to tobacco. You can read this article about what nicotine strength you will need. Generally, stick to around 10mg for 10 a day and 20mg for 20 or more a day. You can even switch to nicotine free.

For your device, try something with a medium battery power so you get a satisfying puff. The Xros Mini pod is a good kit if you want a discreet vape device. Vaporesso GTX Go kits are great too. They have just the strength you need and an easy to refill click-in pod system.

If you are not sure whether vaping is right for you, try a disposable vape to start with. As an ex-smoker, you might find they are not quite strong enough to fulfil your nicotine need. However, you will notice that they take the edge off.

You can browse the Vape Room 101, by Vape Direct, for all the information you need to make the switch.

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