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The 2023 ASH Report Supports Enhanced E-Cig Regulations The 2023 ASH Report Supports Enhanced E-Cig Regulations > The 2023 ASH Report Supports Enhanced E-Cig Regulations

The 2023 ASH Report Supports Enhanced E-Cig Regulations

Action on Smoking and Health are a support group who aim to help smokers quit. In recent years, they have turned their attention to vape devices as a viable method of helping them achieve this goal.

Every year, the group release a report into the efficacy of the government’s targets to be smoke free. At the moment, the UK government aim to be fully smoke-free by 2030. This is a target critics say is impossible. Although three quarters of British people surveyed agree with the ideal of living in a smoke-free environment, there are still those who refuse to make the switch from cigarette to e-cigarette.

The July 2023 report calls for further action to discourage smokers, should the government wish to meet their target. The report features some shocking findings about the world of cigarette smoking and how encouraging the vape market towards growth could be the answer.

ASH – Public Support for Government action on tobacco in Great Britain.

The ASH smokefree survey found that a full three quarters of people in the UK support the idea of a smoke-free Britain. However attractive the prospect may be, we must still work towards it one step at a time. It is a long way away. To help us get there, the survey found that 77% of all residents in England and Scotland would support further levies on the tobacco companies who release cigarettes, encouraging people to smoke.

The report suggests that all methods of smoking cessation are seen as valid across the survey, although there are special mentions for e-cigarettes as a key tool for achieving this goal.

The Role of E-Cigarettes in Becoming Smoke-Free by 2030

The group specify that changes in regulations could help new vape users to switch from cigarettes. To do this, surveyors were asked what measures the government could take to control e-cigarette use while still allowing the vape devices to help ex-smokers, rather than to hinder them.

Notably, 75% of all subjects they asked said they supported a ban on sweet flavours, cartoons, or bright colours on vape packaging. Only 4% stood against this motion, with the rest abstaining. Further, 74% of all those who support tighter regulation on the packaging also support the elimination of advertising at the point of sale. Presumably this would turn vape devices into a similarly controlled subject as real cigarettes, which are packaged in plain black with pictures of the consequences of smoking on them. Only 6% opposed this motion which gained support across a range of parties.

Responsible Vape Use is Key

What all this comes down to is that vaping responsibly could be the key to helping you quit smoking. Seeking the correct advice, speaking with the correct people, and researching the things you can and cannot do with your new vape device, are all good tips to quit smoking for good.

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