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Is COP10 a Threat to Vapers? Is COP10 a Threat to Vapers? > Is COP10 a Threat to Vapers?

Is COP10 a Threat to Vapers?

The World Health Organisation has always been a sceptic of the benefits of the average vape device. Ever since their initial announcements which classed vape devices as nicotine delivery systems, there has been a conflict between their warnings and the closely monitored, heavily regulated vape scene in the UK. This article seeks to explain why, as well as examining the potential threat which COP10 has on vape users.

Why Do WHO and the UK Government Disagree Over Vape Use?

The World Health Organisation’s stance on e-cigarettes is that they are harmful to the body. The claim they make is that the devices release both nicotine and other toxic chemicals. This claim is not untrue, either, but we will cover that momentarily. The UK government and UK based health professionals have outright condemned the WHO’s stand on this. Let’s look at it objectively for a moment.

The WHO monitor vape devices from across the entire globe. When they say vaping is harmful because of toxic chemicals, they refer to the toxic chemicals used in many parts of the world. Now the UK government, on the other hand, closely monitor and outlaw any toxic chemicals which other country’s manufacturers might well add in. By outlawing these chemicals as the dangers arrive, the UK do a better job of minimizing harm through vape use than any other country in the world – but especially the FDA. Many harmful chemicals such as Vitamin E Acetate and Diacetyl are not banned in the USA, giving the UK an unfair reputation where we are shot down with the crows for flying beside them.

Differences between UK Vape Devices and International Vape Devices

There are strict guidelines governing UK use of vapes. One part of this is tracing the chemicals to make sure they are not harmful. Another part of this is ensuring that the tank only fills up to 2ml of vape juice. Next, the government restrict the strength of the nicotine within e-juices, thereby avoiding nicotine poisoning issues. In the UK, we see vape use as an effective solution to stopping smoking, which has an increased chance of working over any other NRT. In the US, vaping might damage your lungs worse than smoking does due to the lack of clear regulation.

COP10 – Harmful to Vape Users?

There is the possibility that the WHO wants to further their advice on using vape devices by expanding documentation at the COP10 summit this coming November. Based in Panama City this year, officials are set to discuss advertising, taxation, a ban on nicotine salts, a ban on any other flavour but tobacco, and a ban on open tank systems. If this goes ahead, the formal advice to the UK will be to follow these rules, as to any other country.

If you would like to protest these potential bans, you can write to your MP and express your anger. As your MP is duty bound to represent your interests, the more action we take now, the better our chance of fighting back.

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