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ASH Busts Vaping Myths with a Facts Sheet ASH Busts Vaping Myths with a Facts Sheet > ASH Busts Vaping Myths with a Facts Sheet

ASH Busts Vaping Myths with a Facts Sheet

Action on Smoking and Health have been a vocal player in the battle between the rights and wrongs of vaping. The latest fact sheet released by this UK leader in smoking cessation tackles vaping myths head on.

ASH recently put together a brief entitled “Addressing Common Myths About Vaping” with the aim of tackling misinformation put out by the public press. Certain British media companies have sought to vilify the vaping industry by associating vaping with the smoking epidemic of the early 00’s. But while media sources make false, bold claims about the safety of vaping, organisations like ASH are trying to correct the damage. Why? Because they know what all vape sellers know: that vape devices are the most effective form of nicotine replacement therapy to get smokers to quit.

Vape Myths Busted

So what is inside the ASH fact sheet regarding myths about vaping? Here is a sneak peek. You can read the whole 14 page report for yourself here if you want to see the whole thing. Recall also that we released a blog on the Cochrane review which found e-cigarettes the most effective type of Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

1 – Vaping is as harmful as smoking

This is rubbish. It’s 95% less harmful and we have been banging that drum for years now. However, as ASH point out, only one in ten British smokers agree with the Chief Medical Officer’s position that vaping is less harmful than cigarettes. In fact, thanks to adverse news stories, a full quarter of smokers refuse to try vaping devices to help them quit.

2 – Vaping is More Addictive than Smoking

The addictive potential of a product depends on many factors. These might include the nicotine strength, how attractive the packaging is, whether or not our use of a pod kit is habitual or not, product design, and how you use it. Cigarettes remain the chief cause of nicotine addiction, as well as the unhealthiest nicotine delivery system.

3 – Disposable Vape Devices are the Equivalent of Smoking 50 Cigarettes

The ASH report blame this one specifically on the Times, The Express, Cosmopolitan, and the Mail. Cigarettes contain 10-15mg of nicotine per cigarette. Your vape device contains a maximum of 20mg per bottle of nicotine containing vape juice. This means you spread the amount of nicotine of one-and-a-half cigarettes throughout a 10 ml bottle, should you choose a maximum strength.

4 – Vaping is a Gateway Drug

Vaping is a gateway to more vaping. The ASH report notes that smoking among underage teens and children has fallen in direct correlation with the increase in vaping. This is a case of choosing one evil over another, but vaping is the healthier evil. In fact, NHS Digital reports that smoking among 11-15 year olds has fallen as lowly as 3%. Compare those figures to the 2% of 2010, and you can see that vape use is saving our kids from smoking.

More Vaping Myths Busted

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