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Latest Cochrane Review finds E-cigarettes to be “More Effective than NRT Latest Cochrane Review finds E-cigarettes to be “More Effective than NRT > Latest Cochrane Review finds E-cigarettes to be “More Effective than NRT

Latest Cochrane Review finds E-cigarettes to be “More Effective than NRT

Looking to quit smoking? For years, we have followed the research closely. This time last year a similar study found electronic cigarettes to be up to 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

In the months that followed, the government released updated information regarding the sale of and use of vape devices. Coupled with an aggressive marketing campaign, the government gradually introduced vape devices trialled in hospitals as a Nicotine Replacement technique. The latest research from Oxford University has found “high certainty” evidence which supports the efficacy of vape devices for those who are trying to quit smoking.

The Review was Funded by Cancer Research UK

In the study, which was funded by Cancer Research UK and published in the Cochrane Library, scientists discovered that nicotine based e-cigarettes have higher quit rates than any other NRT. The report included 78 studies which included 22,000 participants and an additional 22 studies on the last update.

Cochrane Review Findings

Oxford University report that 22.3% of the world use tobacco, and that as many as half of all tobacco users will die from it.

The review findings indicate that 6 out of 100 ex-smokers quit using NRTs such as patches or nicotine gum. By comparison, as many as 8-12 in every 100 would quit smoking using e-cigarettes.

What does this mean for smokers who want to quit? That vape devices give you a higher chance of quitting tobacco than other Nicotine Replacement Therapies.

What type of vape device do you need to quit smoking?

If you would like to use a vape device to quit smoking, you should start by familiarising yourself with studies like this. There is a persistent distrust of vape devices in the UK, with headlines of deaths in the USA scaring UK imbibers into continuing to smoke. Every chemical which is linked with lung diseases in vape juice is banned in the UK. The more research you read, the more you realise that vaping is a valid alternative to smoking. You could live longer by making the switch.

To switch to a vape device as an ex-smoker, pick a pod kit. These are easy to use, simple to charge and refill, and often only have one button which controls the vapour. The pod kit has an easy click-in refill system. Learn more about why Pod Kits are so Popular here.

As an ex-smoker, you want to imitate the throat hit you get when you inhale. If you choose too powerful a vape device, the vapour bypasses your throat and goes straight to your lungs. We call this Direct To Lung vaping, or DTL. Ex-smokers don’t want that, so avoid sub ohm devices. Instead, choose a pod kit with a battery power somewhere around 1000mAh. Use the pod kit like you used your cigarette. Press the button to inhale, hold it in you mouth, breathe in the vapour, and breathe it back out. It should hit your throat the right way. We call this MTL, or Mouth To Lung vaping.

What are the Best Vapes to use to Quit Smoking?

If you are trying to quit smoking using a vape device, we recommend the following products to help you:

  • Not sure if you will like vaping? Try a disposable before you commit to a full vape device. A Lost Mary or an Elfbar disposable could give you the taster you need.
  • Once you move up, the Vaporesso pod kit is an affordable, high-quality solution for an ex-smoker looking to vape
  • As you become more experienced with the vape, you will want to increase the power even if you don’t want to sub ohm yet. Try the Smok Nord 4 for this stage.

What is the Best Vape Juice to use if you are Quitting Smoking?

The type of vape juice you use can also impact how well you do at staying away from cigarettes. Follow these tips to find a good vape juice for you:

  • Select a higher PG to VG ratio of e-liquid to keep that throat hit. 50:50 is OK, but higher PG is better
  • Tobacco flavour vape juice is a good starting point and imitates smoking best
  • Try under 10mg per 10ml of nicotine if you smoked less than ten a day. Increase this to 20mg per 10ml if you were a heavy smoker
  • Browse our list of e-liquids for beginners here for more inspiration
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