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What’s the Difference Between Mouth to Lung Vaping and Direct to Lung Vaping? | Vape Direct

What’s the Difference Between Mouth to Lung Vaping and Direct to Lung Vaping?

If you are new to vaping and need to pick out a starter vaping kit, use this guide to help you decide which type you would prefer.

Vaping isn’t as easy as just picking up a vape device and puffing away. Well… It is that easy, but not from the outset. It takes time to figure out what works for you. It takes experience to find out what strength of nicotine you like, and which flavours you prefer. It can even take time to find your ideal vaping kit. 

The more you learn about using an e-cigarette, the better equipped you are to decide what to buy. To educate our clients and guide customers safely through the hazards of wrongful vaping, we have developed these beginner’s guides.

Today, we are examining the difference between Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping. 

What is Mouth to Lung Vaping?

Mouth to Lung, or MTL, vaping, is the movement of smoking which will come naturally to anyone who has ever smoked a cigarette. It is the popular way to smoke among those who quit cigarettes through using a vape device instead of nicotine replacement therapy. There is scientific evidence that vape pens/kits can help you quit smoking. See our earlier article on how the NHS is running trials by giving away vape devices in hospitals. Even the FDA are in on it.

Mouth to lung vaping is popular among ex-smokers. To do it, you breathe in the smoke from the vape pen/kit, hold it in your mouth, and then breathe it in. This allows you to taste the flavours of the vape juice before you inhale. 

MTL vaping has its own set of vaping devices. These tend to be small but efficient. They don’t take as much energy to power and therefore don’t need to be as large. 

What is Direct to Lung Vaping?

On the other hand, you may prefer a device which is designed to bypass that mouth stage. Those who start vaping instead of smoking, tend to use this DTL method. When you breathe in, you breathe continuously. This allows the vapour to go all the way straight into your lung, with no interruption. 

DTL vaping involves bigger devices because they need that extra power and strength. Sub Ohm vaping kits are best for this type of vape user, since they give out bigger clouds of vapours with more flavour clout. 

The downside of this type of vaping lies in the size of the devices. They take much more power to run and need to have larger chambers for the juice.

What’s Best for You?

Although each person has individual likes and dislikes, we would suggest the following. If you are vaping as an ex-smoker, stick to the MTL devices for now. If you are vaping as a new vape user, consider DTL devices. Similarly, you could start with the smaller and progress to the larger as you got more experience with your vape kit. 

Don’t forget that you can shop for your starter vape kit through our online store.

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