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UK Government Offers FREE Vapes to Help 1 Million Smokers Quit

UK Government Offers FREE Vapes to Help 1 Million Smokers Quit

In a world first, the UK government announced in a press release that they would help smokers quit by issuing free vape starter kits.

Announced in a press release earlier this week, the move aims to target the number of smokers by handing out free vape starter kits to encourage them to make the switch.

Officials have told the press that they aim to tackle a total of 1 in 5 smokers in England. If successful, this ground breaking offer might pave the way for future operations to tackle those other 4.

They will team vape starter kits with behavioural support included. This will be incorporated into their original support offered to those who wish to quit smoking.

While Nicotine Replacement Therapy has long been the NHS’s favourite stopping smoking means, E-cigarettes have proven even more effective at helping smokers quit in clinical trials. According to the NHS, 2021 studies found that people who used an e-cigarette combined with talking therapy to quit were as much as twice as likely to successfully stop smoking. The NHS acknowledge that vaping is a much less harmful way to receive nicotine. In the past, stopping smoking has been difficult enough to earn comparison between stopping heroin use. Stopping smoking is hard. You should use every tool at your disposal – a prospect that the UK government are 100% behind.

Smoke Free by 2030

The UK government made an earlier goal to be smoke free by 2030. At this point, we can all accept that smoking is bad for us. UK news sources insist on villainising vape use, which may undermine the government’s targets. If successful, smoking rates ought to be less than 5% by the target date.

As a further measure to ensure they meet their target, the authorities plan to create cigarette inserts. These cards will be inside cigarette packets and will include positive messages to help smokers quit.

The new announcement comes in early April 2023 and is the next step in a multi-layered plan. Health Minister Neil O’Brien has announced that they will extend this treatment to all pregnant women struggling to quit. This will help tackle rates of cigarette exposure within the womb. Remember, it is not the nicotine that harms the child, but the other 3,999 chemicals in your cigarette, including the radioactive ones.

The government plans to roll out this plan before the end of next year.


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