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The Ultimate GeekVape Aegis Boost V2 (B60) Review

The Ultimate GeekVape Aegis Boost V2 (B60) Review

Looking to buy a vape device? This review of the GeekVape Aegis Boost V2 (B60) could help you make up your mind.

Today we are taking a closer look at one of our products. The GeekVape Aegis Boost V2 (B60) is an evolution of the 2019 Boost OG pod kit. Ever popular and regularly sold out in vape stores near you, this second evolution of the Boost vape pod kit looks set to turn heads everywhere.

About the GeekVape Aegis Boost V2 (B60)

The GeekVape Aegis Boost V2 (B60) is now available in the Vape Direct store. This new version of the Aegis comes with improved battery power, bigger, better vapour clouds, and cool new colours. Off the same Boost series, fans of GeekVape will already be familiar with the other models, including the Aegis boost Pro. Although this model doesn’t have the wattage capacity of the Pro, it has other features which more than make up for it.

Remember, you can buy spares and repairs for the Boost series here at Vape Direct. A favourite seller among boost products is the GeekVape B60 Replacement Pods. Let’s get to the specs.

Product Specifications

What do you get for your money? Here are the product specs for the B60:

  • 2000 mAh battery
  • Power output of 5-60W
  • IP68 rating
  • Zinc-alloy construction
  • Updated User Interface
  • LED curved display screen at 0.96”
  • AS Chip powered tech
  • A-Lock
  • Top Airflow system

The Build Quality and Design of the Aegis Boost

While the previous Aegis Boost was a pod kit, this new model seeks to give the big brands in vaping a run for their money. This is an open tank sub ohm device. It has the well-built stamp of zinc alloy making it sturdier than ever. You have complete control over how much vapour you produce. The LED screen is big enough, with a nice curve to help protect it from wear and tear. The buttons are hardy and simple enough to use. Previous owners of other Aegis models note them for being tough devices that go on for as long as you keep up the maintenance.

Features and Functionality

As well as awesome specs and impressive battery life, the GeekVape Aegis V2 (B60) comes with unmatched features, including:

  • Easy to switch out
  • Leakproof Design thanks to the top airflow
  • 5 colour options: mint blue, red, silver, black, rainbow
  • Smart mode detects your coil and sets wattage
  • Top filling design
  • 2- or 0.6-ohm coils

Thanks to the quick fill system, this vape device won’t leave you waiting. Another feature we love is the three button system. You have the pulse button and two adjustment buttons. Simple but effective.

What’s it like to use the GeekVape B60?

The GeekVape B60 was made for the DTL vaper. The high battery power, low wattage combo makes for a cool cloud of vapour. This gives you bags of taste of all your favourite vape juice flavours. It’s a smooth system that gives you loads of air through that top airflow system. You can notice a huge difference when it comes to sub ohm and DTL vaping by comparison to the pod kit and at 60w output it really packs a punch. You won’t be disappointed.

What the Product Includes

Inside the box, you get the device all in one go, with the battery built in. The device comes with a Type C charger, a spare seal, a spare coil, and a device to remove the old coil with. There is a user manual and a warranty registration, too.

You can buy GeekVape Aegis replacement coils here when you use up the spares in the pack.

Pros and Cons of the GeekVape V20

Let’s break it down into straight forward pros and cons.

Pros of the GeekVape Boost B60:

  • Great for sub ohm and DTL vaping
  • Excellent battery life
  • Good with high VG liquids
  • Fast charge with USB-c ports
  • Smart tech detects coil strengths
  • Good wattage for sub ohm

Cons of the GeekVape Boost B60:

  • Some reviews liken it to the H45
  • Only Suitable to MTL Vaping – using the 0.6 or 1.2 ohm Geekvape B-series Coils

Is the GeekVape Aegis Boost V2 (B60) the right Vape for you?

Whether you are a DTL or an MTL vaper, the Boost series has something for you. Even if this isn’t what you want, check out some of our other vape device kits. There is something at Vape Direct for everyone.

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