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What Are the Benefits of E-Liquid Mixtures?


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E-liquid mixtures are the newest way to enjoy an eloquent vaping experience. This article explores the benefits of creating your own vape juices.

Creating your own e-liquid flavour could be an inventive solution to the UK Government’s regulations that govern the use and sale of e-liquid and vape devices. Vape Direct investigated he benefits of these e-liquid mixture blends to vape device users in the UK.

Key Takeaways:


  • E-liquid mixtures are easy to use
  • Avoid homemade e-liquids
  • They offer a convenient solution
  • You can create new flavours
  • They are cost-effective
  • Government regulations impact bottle sizes

Mixing E-Liquids comes with a Warning

Although e-liquid mixtures are user friendly, we cannot condone them without a warning. E-liquid mixtures refer to the ethically manufactured and properly labelled distribution of e-liquids. When we discuss vaping mixed liquids, we refer to the use of these products. Ergo, e-liquid mixtures in this context equals to the mixing of regulated nicotine salts, shots, and short and long fill flavours.

By no means whatsoever should you risk your health by vaping juices that are ‘homemade.’ These juices can be harmful to the user since they are neither regulated nor tested for user safety. Products that contain essential oils, medicine, THC, or other unregulated chemicals, should be disposed of.

When consulted, Assistant Professor of thoracic surgical oncology at the John Wayne Cancer Institute Dr Onugha said that “Mixing your own vaping liquid is life threatening. Admittedly, the USA are facing far worse threats from homemade vape juices. The FDA still allows the production and use of chemicals such as Vitamin E Acetate, which the UK government and the European Union have discontinued for safety reasons.

The Benefits of Mixing Regulated E-Liquid Mixtures

When you begin with regulated, safe e-liquid ingredients, you minimise the health risk associated with home made vape juices. This allows for a beneficial vaping experience, instead of a dangerous one.

Creating your own vape blend at home could look like this:


  • Using a 50 ml short fill bottle of menthol ice flavour
  • Mixing it 50:50 with a short fill bottle of grape flavour
  • Adding in a nicotine shot for any strength you prefer
  • Mixing the ingredients well before testing

Let’s examine why blending vape juices in this way is so beneficial to the user.

Easy to Use

Vape juice mixtures are easy to use. They come with exact instructions on what to mix it with and how to create your own solution. For best results, you should blend juices by the same company or manufacturer. Check some of these e-liquids mixtures for good examples of easy to use vape juices.

Some things to consider when creating your e-liquid blend include:


  • The ratio of PG/VG – aim for similar ratios
  • Flavour profiles that work together – for example, banana and pear might be lovely, but banana and tobacco, not so nice
  • Quantities – you may wish to note quantities to recreate the blend in future
  • Nicotine strength – add one whole nicotine shot to ensure even strength

Make Your Favourite Flavour

Whether you enjoy a sweet candy flavour, or whether you enjoy tobacco – the most popular e-liquid on the market – you can make it better by blending your own variations. You can combine flavour combinations that you do not get in stores. You can adjust the flavour strength, decide to put nicotine in it, or even create an entirely new flavour by mixing three or more juices.

There are vape juice recipes online which allow you to recreate your favourite flavours. It just might be that this is a cheaper alternative to buying from big brand vape juice manufacturers.


Those vape device users who go through upwards of one ten ml bottle of vape juice each day will find mixing their own juices a convenient alternative. Mixing your own blends of vape juice requires you to purchase extra empty bottles for mixing and storage. You could effectively create a 50 ml vape juice of your own to carry around with you, made from regulated products. This allows you to carry more on you while still observing the letter of the UK government’s laws of vape bottle sizes. It is simpler to carry one 50 ml bottle than 5 10 ml ones.

Worth Buying

Although the outset cost of mixing your own vape juices may seem higher than simply buying the materials premade, it pays for itself over time. Once you have the VG and PG liquids, you can chop and change the juices you want to use over time. Eventually, you will have a collection of flavours that allow you to create different concoctions using no cash whatsoever. Although it seems like an investment to begin with, it will pay for itself in the long run.

Mixing your own e-liquid flavours can save you the money you might spend on buying branded vape juices. It is cheaper long term and provides a plethora of choices in flavour profile. If you are the indecisive type, or if you like new flavours often, then mixing your own juice is an excellent way to indulge your whims.

Bigger Volumes

When we mix vape juices of our own, we can create bigger volumes than that allowed by UK government regulations. While they limit the capacity of tanks, they also limit the capacity of bottles containing nicotine to 10 ml. This limitation makes it difficult for full time vapers to get the hits they need from their vape, without having to carry around extras.

When you create vape juices yourself, you can keep those products in larger bottles without breaking the law. Since you did not buy the bottles made this way, you do not risk repercussions. Larger volumes means less bottles to carry during your day-to-day activities. It is also neater, with less chance of leakage.

Mixing Your Won Vape Juices is Cost-Effective

We can only conclude that mixing vape juices on your own is a cost-effective solution to frequent vape device users. It opens more flavour profiles for less expenditure, while simultaneously allowing users to carry more product with them throughout the day.