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More On Twelve Monkeys

Distinctive Canadian Vape Juice Products

Twelve Monkeys, or #TRIBE12M, are a fun, funky brand with a
youthful energy and the fruity flavours of vape juice to match. As trustworthy
as only a Canadian firm can be, this brand focuses on laboratory testing as a
means to research new products. Anything that comes from this brand has that distinction
in quality that marks it as a superior vape product.

The vape juices in the Twelve Monkeys e-liquids range
feature some nostalgic names. Matata, a
seriously mouth watering mix of grape and sun-ripened apple, springs to mind.
Specifically it reminds us of lion cubs and ant eaters.

Are Twelve Monkeys salt nicotine?

Nicotine salt, or nic salts, is a type of nicotine found in
the leaves of the tobacco plant. The leaves are often the more bitter part of
the plant. This makes nic salts more concentrated in nicotine than other types
of vape juice. You can buy Twelve Monkeys vape juice in shortfill bottle form,
then add a shot of nic salts to
your desired strength.

Do Twelve Monkeys make good juice?

Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. make reliably excellent vape juice.
They manufacture e-liquids with a high VG/PG ratio, suitable for the ex-smoker
and those looking
to quit
. When you buy 12 Monkeys Vape Juice from our online store you get
great discounts, like 2 bottles of shortfill for £25. Vape Direct even provide multi-buy
for those looking to stock up.

What flavours of Twelve Monkeys vape juice do you get?

Harambe Twelve
is the most recognisable vape juice by this brand. Buy Harambe vape
juice online from Vape Direct to take advantage of our 2 for £25 on 50ml
shortfill offer. Harambe E-liquid is a powerful citrus mix with zesty lemons,
sour grapefruits, sweet blood orange, and succulent guava. With an 80/20 VG/PG
, this is an MTL
throat hit suitable for ex-smokers.

The most popular Twelve Monkeys e-liquid flavour for sale in
our online vape store is Kanzi. This
vape juice tastes of kiwi, strawberry, and watermelon, which leaves a moreish
flavour in your mouth. Buy your Kanzi E-liquid from our UK store and mix your complimentary
free shot of nicotine
into the 50ml bottle for a nicotine strength of 3mg
per 2ml.


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