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Party Policies on Vaping for the 2024 General Election


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As the General Election draws near, UK voters should stay ahead of which party best represents their needs. As such, this article summarises all the proposed vape rules which a new government might bring.

With the General Election just around the corner and the ballot papers printed and ready, things look set to change. No matter who wins, it seems that UK vape device users are set to lose out. At a brief glance, the Tory and Labour Parties want to phase out smoking entirely, with the Conservatives taking a harder stance. The Greens want an immediate disposable vape ban, while everyone recognizes that there is work to be done.

Vaping Stance of the Conservative Party

Let’s start with the simplest. We are all well aware of the recently halted plans the Tory government seeks to introduce. As well as high taxes on vape juices, they plan for a smoke free generation by 2030. This would see anyone born after January 1st, 2009, unable to access or legally buy tobacco products in the UK.

Further policies included banning disposable vapes and bringing vape devices into the same realm as cigarette products.

Vaping Stance According to the Labour Party

Keir Starmer has been vocal about his support for the disposable vape ban and is unlikely to do anything that opposes it. In the past the Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting has told reporters that he will crack down on the vaping industry over selling vapes to children. Nobody argues with this stance, but it has left the vaping industry wondering as to what these crack downs may imply.

More recently, and in response to the upcoming general election, MP Wes Streeting admitted that vapes ‘had a role to play’ in tackling smoking. He has suggested a gradual raising of the age of sale of nicotine products until the population is no longer addicted to nicotine. This may or may not include e-liquids.

Vaping Stance from the Green Party

The Greens plan to go ahead with the disposable vape ban. This comes as no shock given that environmental policies are at the forefront of all decisions the Green’s make. Asides from this, the issue of vaping was not a major topic in their manifesto.

Needless to say that their stance towards vaping is not wholly positive. Given that one of the biggest plastic polluters in the world are cigarettes, though, voters can still hope for a softer approach.

Vaping Stance in Reform Party

The Reform Party were one of the cross-party supporters of a new plan to gradually reduce the smoking age. In the past, figurehead Nigel Farage has expressed his enjoyment of vapes, saying they were “jolly good”. However, he is famous for defending cigarettes, saying in one statement that he thought ‘doctors had it wrong’ on cigarette smoking. On his own TikTok feed, he has loudly stated that outright bans do not work. Whether or not these are party ideas or his own ideas remains to be seen because the “policies” page on the Reform UK website is completely blank.

Vaping Stance of the Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats have the clearest vaping policies written down, included in their manifesto for all to see. They plan to introduce standardized packaging for vape juices and kits, similar to that of cigarettes. They will further restrict advertising and focus efforts to reduce vaping in non-smokers.

The Lib Dems both acknowledge the uses of vape devices within their capacity as a smoking cessation tool and understand that they must keep these products away from children and those who have never smoked.

The Vape Direct Stance on Vaping

You can still buy disposable vapes from our store, a product we don’t plan to remove until the legislation comes into place. As a vape device and e-liquid retailer based in Milton Keynes, Vape Direct have no affiliation with any particular political party.

What we do encourage is political representation within the vaping industry, which is what makes organisations such as the UKVIA, the NCSCT, the World Vapers’ Alliance and the New Nicotine Alliance so important.

We hope that any incoming government is willing to work with these organisations to create a well-rounded view of the health benefits of vaping before they develop new laws.