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Oxva Xlim Go Kit Reviewed by Vape Direct


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The keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed that the new Oxva Xlim Go vape kit has landed in our online vape shop. As this slender, sleek, and powerful vape kit hits the shelves, what are our reviewers saying about it?

Thinking of buying a new vape kit? The Oxva Xlim Go is the ideal model for those who want a thinner, stylish vape. Available in a sophisticated colour and finish, this pod vape system means you have easy refills, low maintenance, and excellent flavourful hits.

Let’s discuss where it performs best, what you get in the box, and if the Oxva Xlim Go pod vape kit might be the top choice for you.

Performance of the Oxva Xlim Go Pod Kit

We have tested more vapes than we have given awkward British smiles to people we pass on the street. As such, we think our crew, customers, and reviewers are well-placed to give you the rundown on what we liked – and didn’t like – about the Oxva Xlim Go.

Options in Coils

The Oxva Xlim Go pod kit lets you switch coils out so that you can switch between MTL and DTL vaping. It can take either a o.6, sub ohm coil, or a 1.2 ohm coil, which is ideal for MTL vaping.

  • ü MTL and DTL capable

Battery Power of the Oxva Xlim Go Vape Kit

This is a strong piece of tech for its discreet size. With a 1000mAh inbuilt battery, you get the hit you need, when you need it. With a max power output of 30w, this device is brilliant for sub ohm vaping, while being completely new-user-friendly. It’s versatile and packs a punch. It uses a type-C 2A port but remember to use the charger that comes with the device to maintain battery life and safety.

  • ü 1000mAh/30w
  • ü Indicator lights – red = low, blue = mid, green = full
  • ü Good battery power when compared to other models of the same size.

Sophisticated Colour and Finish

The Oxva Xlim is a sleek, pen-like e-cigarette with a textured finish. Vape Direct sell models in black, white, brown, and red. The sophisticated colour palette is one of the things our customers liked most about these e-cigs.

There are two kinds of vape user. Those who always choose rainbow and those who want something with a little more mystique. The Oxva Xlim Go is the latter.

  • ü Thoughtful colour choices
  • ü Textured pattern gives anti-slip grip

Airflow Control is a Good Touch

Controllable airflow is a nice additional feature on the Oxva Xlim Go. By controlling the airflow, you control how intense your clouds of vapour are on the exhale. Want big, cold, flavourful vape hits with a high HG liquid? Up that airflow. Want smaller, condensed clouds with flavour that makes your eyes water? Go for the lower setting.

Again, it is the versatility of this vape kit which makes it one of the ultimate new pod kits on the market right now.

  • ü Highly versatile airflow control

Refillable Pod System of the Oxva Xlim Go Vape

This device uses a refillable pod system, which allows you to pre-fill your pods with the vape juice of your choice, before you click them into your vape. This makes for an easier refill system with less mess and zero internal spillage.

  • ü Quick and easy refills

Lightweight Design

Reviewers really appreciated how light and slender this device is. It fits in your pocket without weighing you down.


What’s the Verdict on the Oxva Xlim Go?

This is a lightweight, easy to use, tough vape device that is best suited to people on the go. Travellers love it, as do women without pockets on nights out. It’s the kind of sleek device that looks elevated, yet it is still discreet enough to blend with your outfit.

Particular perks of this vape kit include the adjustable airflow and the anti-slip, textured grip. Anyone who has ever broken a vape device knows how important this is.

Our reviewers recommend the Oxva Xlim Go for new vape users, experienced vape users, and those who want an intermediary vape to take with them in place of a bulkier one when they are going out.